Sunday, April 3, 2011

Judge Goldstein has a change of heart

The much vilified South African judge Richard Goldstone has written in a 'Washington Post' opinion piece [01 April 2011] that he had he now the information that Israel decided to make public, his UN report on 'Cast Lead', Israeli undeclared aggression against the Hamas government in Gaza, would be different.
GuamDiary has to wonder:why did the right wing Netenyahu government categorically refuse to cooperate with the Goldstone commission, which accused Goldstone, himself a Jew, of being a traitor to his race? We remain suspicious of the wily ways of the extreme right wing shift in Israel and how they managed to 'get to Goldstone'. Only time will expose the Zionist state's machination. But the fact remains in revisiting 'Cast Lead' that Israel purposely targeted not only Hamas but resorted to collective punishment to destroy a Palestinian government which refused to bend to Israel's way, and which violates the basic laws of international law.
Hina Jilani a member of the Goldstone panel said on the BBC that even with the 'new information' the report's conclusion would be the same. Israeli smooth speaking Marc Regev quickly seized on Goldstone's words to demand that the report be repudiated but only in the parts in which the Zionist state is concerned: translation the evisceration of the report which would leave the minimal pages blaming Hamas for violations of international law.
Regev's designs are obvious: he pulls out of his bag of tricks the old hoary rationalisations that Israel is a 'democracy', with open discussion of difference, and system of government based on checks and balances, so on and on. Left out is discrimination against its Arab citizens, the illegal seizure of occupied Palestinian territory for Israeli settlers, and of course, violations of international conventions of war and peace. And what about Israeli piracy on the open seas and the Zionists' IDF attack on the aid flotilla headed for Gaza?
Never one to let an opportunity to go by on an interview, he went on with the sobs of mock indignation by condemning the UN committee on human rights, on which sat Colonel Qadhafi's Libya, and ending his peroration with the committee is waging war against Israel.
Thus in a nutshell, we have the same old refrain: poor democratic Israel is being attacked and besieged on all sides; therefore, it has to use any means necessary to defend itself, including pre emptive undeclared war in Gaza with the obvious intention of teaching Gazans--civilian children, men and women of all ages--a hard lesson. And 'Cast Lead', according to Israeli mouth pieces at the time of the war, was through serious destruction of Gaza's infrastructure and heavy loss of innocent civilian lives that Palestinians in Gaza would rise up in revolt and wage war against Hamas. That ploy did not work; if cynical Israel thought it would they were dreaming!
'Cast Lead' was designed to do as much damage as collective punishment for a trapped population by closed borders to its north in Israel and southwards on the Sinai by Mubarak's Egypt. Regev's excuses do not wash easily. Any student of war would dismiss Goldstone's 'apologia' and the Zionists' propaganda machinery.

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