Sunday, April 17, 2011

Time is not on our side says Tzipporah Livni

Tzipporah Livni, former Israeli prime minister and Mossad operative, has let hair down in an interview with Simon Shema, in the weekend issue of 'the Financial Times of London'.
She freely admits that Israel is on the losing end of the arc which will in the UN General Assembly recognise and welcome Palestine in the comity of nations.
The Zionist elite running Israeli are cut from the wood of Revisionist Zionism: be it a Netenyahu or a Livni. Livni's bona fides of belonging to a political elite, which stakes its claim to 'nobility' to the terrorist Jewish groups, notably the Irgun and Betar, the right wing youth movement, which in prewar Poland was shunned by mainstream anti fascist groups for the plain and simple reason they recognised in Betar the germs of Jewish fascism.
As head of Kadima, Ariel Sharon's party, she is not a fan of 'Bibi' Netenyahu whose 'laissez faire laissez aller ' policy undermined the Oslo Accords and has sabotaged any initiative in coming to an agreement with the Palestinians for a two state solution.
Although she does not say so, the seeds of Zionism's degenercy lies with the very nature of Revisionist Zionism which sees a greater Israel from the Mediterranean to the Jordan, founded on the hoary claims of pre diaspora claims. And out of this subjective realisation, Livni believes that time is running out for Israel.
Given the unwillingness of Netenyahu & co. to embrace the sweeping trends of openness in the Middle East, to sweep out the cobwebs of diminishing returns of policies which no longer work, and to save Israel from itself, she sees that the international community's raising Palestine to international recognition with all the rights and privileges of a political entity called 'a state or a nation', will put Israel between a rock and a hard place. She sees it happening soon, and as such, will challenge Israel's illegal land seizures and its repressive, colonial policies in the West Bank that have turned the territory in a separate but unequal 'gan eden' for religious Jewish fanatics.
Netenyahu has recently said he would withdraw all the Zionist's military from the occupied West Bank. Translating his remarks tilts more towards a charm offense to win back the EU and especially the US, to maintain unconditional support for the Zionist state.
It has to be an 'epiphany' of sorts for Livni to realise that were she ever to become prime minister she would have to through overboard the dead weight and chains of Revisionist Zionism of her father and her youth.
In a 'tour d'horizon', Israel's elite has gone to seed: scandal follows Ariel Sharon & son, Moshe Katsav now in prison for rape, and Avigdor Lieberman present foreign minister for corruption, to make the point. Israel's long slide into the extremism of the Middle East with the stranglehold of the ultra Orthodox on political life.
Livni will argue that Israel is a democracy, but a formal democracy: the right wing has hollowed out the rights of its citizens and heavy hand of the military rents the veil of civilian control, and the stream of Israelis, most secular in outlook, emigrating underscores the anemic pull on its citizenry to stay the course.
Little wonder Livni acknowledges that the sand in the hour glass is running out for Israel.

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