Sunday, April 24, 2011

Malaysia's sex train goes off the rails

The Malay states have a long history of carefree, fun loving peoples. Today's modern Malaysia, as its racial and religious face dons the 'burqah' of Islamic conservatism, if not a deep tinge of fundamentalism, has become obsessed with sex.
Its prime minister Najib Razak narrowly escaped blame in the murder of a Mongolian model, yet the stain remains. His rival Anwar Ibrahim has been in and out of gaol, in and out of the courts, on alleged charger of diddling a male aid of his, which he has steadfastly challenged and denied, claiming political intrigue against him.
Ulema who read the Koran too closely are trying to subject women to the whims and desires of their husbands even to the point of being beaten. A woman, after all, has to serve her lord, her husband's sexual appetite anywhere, anyhow, and at any moment.
Malaysian women have rights but the rigid religious right try to subvert, if not do away with them.
And yet the army of prostitution flourish among the believers. How do the sanctifiers of the holy word square that circle?
Women in modern dress suffer, as do women who don't cover their heads.
And now, boys who exhibit 'effeminate' behaviour are sent to boot camps to make men out of them, on unproven evidence that these boys prefer boys of their own sex!
More oft than not, if we look at the record of pediophilia suggests, the he men whose goal is turn these boys into men, are prone to abuse them sexually.
Psychology is weighed down with studies of the narrow religiousity whose taste for the prurient, the fantasy of sex magnifies unhealthly. As Freud would say, they project their desires on to others whom they take great pleasure in persecuting.
And Malaysia is going down that primerose path with a vengeance.

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