Monday, March 28, 2011

Maine's governor Lepage sees Kim Jong il?

Who does Paul Lepage think he's fooling? In a panel depicting the struggle of US workers he in his wildest dreams sees the face of North Korea's 'Dear Leader', Kim Jong il. Clearly it's an excuse to order the removal of scenes honouring the workers who fought the rights to organise and for a fair wage and standard of living. Republican governor that he is, in the fury over reducing budget deficits, in step with his party to attack the hard earned rights of workers and all that means.
Seeing Kim Jong il's face in the panel is a lame excuse or if LePage believes its true, he needs his head examined and should step down from office immediately!
He is no John D. Rockefeller who spat blood when Diego Rivera painted the V.I. Lenin in his mural in the rising building of Rockefeller Centre [today's 30 Rock]; he fired the Mexican artist on the spot and with his flinty saved millions had the lobby repainted by another artist in the fascist style of the 1930s.
LePage is happy to use the money he wishes to reduce the budget in removing 'his' mural. US$10.000 is the bill.
LePage is symptomatic of America's 'knownothingism', which rears its ugly head during times of extreme economic and political stress. Like the old Soviet masters he is happy to copy, he's willing to air brush America's working class out of its rightful place in US history.
And in his love affair with North Korea's leader, he thought nothing of giving his daughter a job in the governor's mansion at the working people's penny.

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