Wednesday, April 13, 2011

America's moral rectitude and the ______________ Hat

GuamDiary readers may wonder why the opening of a warmly received play on Broadway, starring the comedian Chris Rock, bore the truncated headline 'The ______________________ Hat'. To find the complete title, the reader would have to go elsewhere. So imbedded is American rectitude in protecting the morals and the eyesight of its citizens, it is by a Supreme Court ruling that seven words are bleeped in the media [Pacifica vs. the US government]. So to a visitor to the shores of the 'land of the free, home of the brave' listening to, say, a programme on the television, should someone blurt out one of these banned words, he would hear a bleeping sound or a strange noise to put a 'niqb' on his ears and, it goes without saying, his eternal soul from damnation, even though a child of three already knows and uses them daily.
God bless the British! The esteemed business daily, "The Financial Times of London" practised a modified form of 'censorship' of propriety if you will, in giving a fuller title: 'the Motherf....en Hat'. And the pillars of world capitalism hardly stirred by this revelation but in the US, it would have awakened the guardians of public morality, which, of course, would have spiked up tickets sales for the eternal curious and the prurient.
As America has turned more and more to the right, the rise of right wing social conservatism has usurped the right to dictate morality. And yet the public's thirst for celebrity and scandal seems never slacked. Consequently, the psychological dissonance bordering on moral hysteria.
And to tame a population, demoralised by a serious recession which toed the edges of a global depression,hardly able to whether the assaults of the corporate elite to burden them with paying the bill whilst the wealthy get away with paying little or nothing, the influence of religion and moral keepers who speak for the rich and powerful hold sway.
America is now in the throes of private corporate power who manipulate elected officials like marionettes, and who toss aside the Constitution for its own gains. The rise of 'corporatism' with a democratic face recalls the rise of fascism in Portugal under Antonio Salazar.
Meanwhile the American standard of living is eroding fast: functional illiteracy has reached an all time high, impoverishment has grown in leaps and bounds, as has infant mortality and the per centage of children at a starvation level; the youth, especially minority youth, are more likely to spend years in prison, thereby increasing thanks to the prison industrial complex expanding the army of criminals; massive outlays of funds to fill the pockets of war profiteers and allowing the US to engage everywhere it wishes in war and in supporting 700 bases around the world...and so it goes...have seriously weakened America's claim to rule the world.
And if that is not enough, hypocrisy and corruption rules with almost a free hand. And from the pulpit or the street corner Bible thumper calls to repent and turn away from evil and take the path of the righteous. Here, we have a classic case of the kettle calling the pot black when the clergy is caught redhanded in buggery of boys and rape of girls; with hands in the honey pots; and the solons in the halls of Congress who hurl thunderbolts against demon sinners are found in male or female brothels or have been robbing the public treasury for years. And yet they may suffer social disgrace but hardly time in prison.
And for the masses who see little hope for themselves or their children or grandchildren, they are offered that 'soda shop in the sky' called 'heaven' but not in this world.
And so banning words which as we've noted even a three year old knows is an indictment of a country where hypocrisy and fraud are endemic. And a wag might say for want of a full title Hat....

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