Thursday, April 21, 2011

Will 'Bibi" Netenyahu address the joint houses of the US Congress?

As the Obama administration struggles with a new initiative to settle the Palestine Israeli question, the Republic majority leader Joyn Boehner of the house of representatives is wanting to invite Israel's right wing prime minister 'Bibi' Netenyahu to address the upper and lower chambers of the US Congress.
Boehner's manoeuvre is obvious as it is simple: his aim is to sabotage president Obama's speech on settling the Palestine Israel conflict, in the glaring light of upheavals in the Arab world, which demand a new set of rule for America's interests in the region.
Netenyahu will again address AIPAC [American Israel Public Affairs Committee], a powerful pro Israel lobby which has never stopped from defeating or trying to defeat any candidate who however mildly critises Israel. Last year, the Republic whip of the house, Eric Cantor, an observant Jew, pledged his fealty to the state of Israel, for which he was duly 'rebuked'. Cantor issued a clumsy apology: his remarks raised the question of dual loyalty. As an elected official, his pledge of allegiance to the Zionist state makes him ill fit for office, and if he had any honour let alone shame, he would have resigned his post.
Netenyahu is frothing at his political mouth, for his policy of 'farniente' or do nothing has not only sabotaged the Oslo Peace Accords but has driven Israel into a cul de sac. As GuamDiary quoted the former Zionist foreign minister Tziporrah Livni in an interview with Simon Schama, 'time is no longer on Isreal's side'.
Touts given good bets on the UN General Assembly conferring global recognition of an Palestinian state with 1967 borders. and even the IMF where Washington has clout is tilting towards recognition of such a state! Yes, Netenyahu is a man with a hopeless mission. Like Darius he is trying to command the winds to stop and the tides to be still. It didn't work for Darius, and it won't work for revisionist Zionist Netenyahu as well.
Will a more sensible and even handed approach by the US calm a fire storm that Boehner & co. wish in order to consume Obama in its flames and to make him a one term president, as he and the Mitch McConnell, the Republican minority leader in the senate, who's in the hip pocket of the robber barons on Wall Street, openly declared?
Netenyahu's addressing the two houses of Congress is an insult to the American people, and an intrusion into this country's internal affairs, which, alas, has not stopped him and the Zionist elite from swaying US policy.
It seems the time for such interference is coming to an end!

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