Sunday, April 17, 2011

Vittorio Arrigoni RIP

Vittorio Arrigoni joins a long list of people who left their homeland and embraced the cause of another struggling for its liberation. In Arrigoni's case, he became a citizen of Palestine, living in Gaza.
Unlike Franz Fanon, who joined the ranks of Algerians fighting for a country of their own against France, Arrigoni believed in non violence, in order to blunt the thrust and control of the Israeli occupier. Fanon gave free rein to man's blind,visceral destructive force, Arrigoni held Gandhi as a model.
Abducted by a Salifist group, who demanded the release of their members in Hamas gaols, his body was found in an empty house. These purists of anarchic thirst for blood, acted out frustrations of political extremism which Fanon's 'damnes de la terre' [wretched of the earth] might understand.
Arrigoni's death by Islamic extremists discredits the Palestinian struggle for a homeland, and as most acts of this kind, it boosts the Zionist claim to smashing the Palestinians' hope and dream of a nation of their own.
A Freud would understand the recourse to assassination as the inevitable consequences of Israeli's policy, especially since the occupation of the West Bank in the six day war.
On the other hand, Arrigoni's sacrifice for his adopted country will spur others to carry out his work and through a campaign of pacific resistance, disinvestment, and boycott has begun to yield good results and put Israel in the hot seat, the more especially since the right wing Zionist elite ressorts to piracy, collective punishment, undeclared war, and continued robbery of Palestinian land in the West Bank, and other elements of international law.

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