Monday, April 11, 2011

African Union in Libya

Headed by South Africa's president Jacob Zuma, the delegation of African Union leaders brought a road map of peace to Libya. As usual, the AU has been out to lunch.
When the Arab League, the US, the EU, and the UN called on the Union to join them in a resolution condemning Qadhafi's colonial style warfare against his own people, it refused.
After two weeks of fighting, suddenling the AU has sent a delegation to 'make harmony' and bring the two sides of the Libyan conflict to agree to a cease fire, thereby allowing diplomacy to prevail in bringing an end to hostilities.
Consider the delegation's composition: in addition to South Africa, there is Mali, Mauritania, Congo Brazzaville, and Uganda. Hardly a strong delegation of the willing to restore peace in Libya. In fact, the AU's shying away from common action against Qadhafi lies in the largesse of oil money that he has long 'invested' in Africa, to counter the pariah status imposed by the West especially after the bombing of the PanAm flight over Lockerbie.
The wily colonel has had an eye on Africa as part of his delusions that Tripoli would play the role of the centre of a huge 'united' Africa with him at the helm of a continental ship of state.
And the AU delegation feel under his charm offense during its visit to Libya. You might be willing to say, it fawned all over him in praise for accepting the Union's unworkable plan.
Proof of which is that its head Zuma, seeing how the game is being played by Qadhafi, took a powder as the Au delegation's other members headed to Benghazi to parlay with the 'rebel' forces, who rejected the plan out of hand since it allows Qadhafi & sons to remain in power.
The AU has proven over time to be toothless. It failed in the Ivory Coast and the UN and France had to intervene to bring Gbagbo to heel. And failure has tracked them to Libya and the embarrassing outcome of its mission to Qadhafi.

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