Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Netenyahu's slip's showing

Israel's right wing prime minister 'Bibi' Netenyahu has come up with a startling proposition: recognising that his talks with the Palestinian Authority are a lost cause, he is thinking, says he, of withdrawing all Israeli troops from the West Bank, thereby ending 43 years of the Zionist state's control, 'manu militari' of
the booty Israel seized during the 1967 six day war.
Are Netenyahu's words a feint or as a result of his recent trip to Europe [and Shimon Peres journey to the White House and UN headquarters in New York] a realisation that Israel can no longer order the tides of history to stop?
Revisionist Zionist that he is, Netenyahu's thinking of rallying the US and the EU and his erstwhile allies to defeat the UN General Assembly move to recognise Palestine as a legitimate state among the nations of the world. Out of the 183 member states making up the UN General Assembly, it is doubtful, despite the arm twisting by the US & co. and the bribes and other goodies in Israel's bag of tricks that recognition of Palestine can be derailed. Let's not forget the IMF is well prepared to do that, and as Netenyahu surely knows, the IMF has powerful friends in Europe and not so few in the US.
So trying to seize victory out of defeat, Netenyahu is offering troop withdrawal. Is it possible? Probably not. What about the hundreds of thousands illegal Zionist settlers, armed to the teeth, on the land they stole from the Palestinians? Will 'Bibi' abandon them to an uncertain fate? What about his hoary claim to 'Samaria and Judea' that is today's Palestine?
What we are seeing today is that the Zionist elite is finding itself in the same quandry as did those who vainly fought to keep 'l'Algerie francasie' and failed.
So now the Zionist state is caught in the failures of its own wiles and ruses to deny Palestinians a state of their own. Isral's democracy will not stand strong against the influx of rapid ultra Orthodox settlers fleeing into Israel proper.

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