Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Judge Goldstone goes to Jerusalem

No one should be surprised by the announcement that South African judge Richard Goldstone is going to Israel.
Even since he 'recanted', he has gone from being reviled to being a man who owns up to his mistakes.
Right wing prime minister & his more extremist Revisionist Zionists in and out of government will strew palms along the judge's path as he wends his way through heavily guarded Jerusalem.
On the eve of 'pashot', it would seem that one of questions asked at the Seder: why is this night different from any other night? takes on a different reading.
Goldstein, as GuamDiary, has suggested swallowed the bait the Zionist state put at the end of a tempting hook. Slowly but surely the steps the Israeli government took to make Goldstone turn, will come to the light of day.
The good judge has handed a boon of publicity in saying 'what I know today, my report would have drawn different conclusions' or words to that effect. His words ring hallow since almost 16 months after the Israelis ended the hot, pre emptive, collective punishment war 'Cast Lead', it has produced 'evidence' which pushed Goldstone to recant.
Let's not forget the very same Zionist cast of characters did everything in their power to thwart Goldstone and three other judges to investigate the crimes which the lion's share goes to Israel in targeting civilians in Gaza. In fact, since Israel refused stonewalled his investigation, Goldstone flew his Israeli witnesses to Switzerland to depose them. And depose they did, and their testimony proved highly embarassing to Israel.
In the meanwhile, Israel has not stopped its thuggery. Remember its piracy on the high seas of killing nine Turks on ships heading towards Gaza with humanitarian supplies. Contrary to what the smug Zionist spokesman Marc Regev contends, Israel is not a democracy. It is more a proto fascist state in formation possessed of a totalitarian ideology, and with the support of religious extremists who with government approval seize Palestinian land in the West Bank.
Netenyahu & co. may crow about Goldstone's confession, but the dawn is past and Israel remains condemned in the international court of public opinion. Even its protector the US is rethinking its unconditional support of the Zionist state the more especially since such support with impede and detract from a radical thinking on the sea change that is happening in the Arab world.
So Goldstone might be the poster boy of the month, but his report in toto is a striking indictment of Israel's guilt.

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