Monday, April 11, 2011

Israel responds to Hamas' messages for a cease fire

Suddenly aggressive Israel is responding to Hamas' messages for a cease fire. Has common sense come a knocking on the Netenyahu's government's door? Possibly.
No one in the mainstream global media really looks at the cause that led Hamas and other Palestinian armed groups to launch 130 mortars into southern Israel in a three day period. They did not do it for 'the hell of it', but in retaliation for targeted Israel attacks on Hamas and the civil population of Gaza.
Although Netenyahu has spoken in cold steel terms of retaliation, the Zionist state through its defence minister Ehud Barack, is willing to consider the terms of a cease fire, thereby cooling the rising war fever in Israel.
Is it that both sides are girding loins for renewed battle? Or are conditions shifting rapidly in the Arab world and among Israel's allies abroad that make it impossible now for the Zionist elite to engage in the kind of pull out the stops warfare characterised by 'Caste Lead' in December 2008?
A quieting of the Gaza front has not slowed down one whit Israel's illegal seizure of Palestinian land in the occupied West Bank nor in dispossessing Arabs in Jerusalem of home and hearth.
As GuamDiary suggested in a recent blog, Netenyahu's tour of Europe and Peres' travels in the US have resulted in a lack of the usual rah rah support Israel has enjoyed in the past. Germany's Angela Merkel is cool to Israel expansion in Palestine, and consequently, Netenyahu cannot play the guilt card. It has been noted in Germany and elsewhere in Europe that Israel's thirst for 'Lebensraum' to its east in the West Bank shares many characteristics with the Nazi troops in occupied Europe.
In the US and at the UN headquarters in New York, Peres' warnings have fallen on lazy ears, meaning Israel's latitude for military solutions is narrowing fast.
The big question nevertheless remains: is Israel willing to adapt to the new reality in the Arab World?

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