Wednesday, April 13, 2011

China gives US a taste of its own medicine

China firmly believes in the old saw: 'what's good for the good is good for the gander!' And this is no better exemplified in Beijing's issuing its own report on human rights violations.
Not surprising it denounces America's hypocrisy of holding high standards to measure others but fails to apply them to itself.
Consider the Obama administration's banging brass pots and pans for internet freedom around the world, whilst at home it is fiercely waging war against Wikileaks and its founder Julian Assange, going so far as to pressure US private internet providers from denying American citizens to access to Wikileak's own website. And if this is not enough, it has marshaled corporate media to follow suit in the covering the drip drip drip revelations of low level classified and declassified US diplomatic cables. So much so that it tarnishes America's long cherished and time honoured First Amendment of the US constitution.
China goes a step further in sticking its finger in the puffery of America's moral rectitude by pointing to growing homelessness; high infant mortality; increasing misery among children; high incarceration of US minority youth; rise in violent crime; the predominant role of money in American political life; the cheapening of the rights of US citizens; and the US propensity to go to war, best noted in the Bush war against Iraq, based on lies.
China's report, it does not take a rocket scientist to discover, is in direct response to the US department of state's annual assessment of human rights around the world. These reports are very critical of China.
China has returned the favour by stressing the glaring sins of omission and commission which the US tries to pooh pooh without success.
Chinese criticism of America's human rights violations should be a wake up call to the American government: it is no longer above scrutiny, criticism, and condemnation.
Here one is tempted to quote theBible: 'you may see the speck of dust in your neighbour's eye but neglect the mote in your own'.

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