Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Blame Ronald Reagan for Michelle Obama's near aeroplane mishap!

Why blame the dead Ronald Reagan for Michelle Obama's near air mishap?
Doesn't anyone remember that one of the first acts of the 'great communicator' when he took office was to smash the air controllers' union which supported his bid for the presidency?
Here is a prime example of gutting a public workers' union and letting the market do it worst in regulating it. So we saw and still see a much reduced workforce,working extended hours at lower pay, in order to perform the tasks of several for the price of one.
Since Reagan guillotined the union, the morale and the strength of air controllers have spiralled downwards, and made it a profession best left alone.
And so in 30 years we see the chickens have long come home to roost with a First Lady who might have become the victim of market forces and efficiencies and a Scrooge way of economy.
So the public outcry might call for disciplining controllers who fall asleep on the job or make errors of judgment, but no one really digs deeper to explain why.
As the reactionary Republican governors attack public unions with a sole view to kill them no matter what they say, we have proof positive of what that will mean for public safety and the way of life for Americans.
Market forces are blind and for those that pull the strings it brings profits and for those who submit to them poverty and for all -- profiteers and victims -- a danger to human life.
And so it is fair to shine the light on Ronald Reagan for the nastiness that the American way of life has become.

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