Saturday, April 23, 2011

Aidan Foster-Carter 'apologia pro sua vita'

Eventually everything comes out in the wash. Aidan Foster-Carter, honourary lecturer in Korean history at Leeds University, confesses in a recent article in the e paper 'Asia Times Online', which publishes his articles, that in his youth he was a cheer leader for North Korea. And as fervent as his devotion was it came to an end.
And with the fevour of the disappointed, he waxes highly critical, using his words as though they were a hatchet, of the DPRK.
At one point, Kim Jong il so exasperated him, the good lecturer cried out in frustration, that he wished that North Korea would simply disappear. Thus, would, it seem, end Foster-Carter's existential torment of the sins of his youth.
His demons pursue him, thereby colouring his reporting, the more the pity since in more measured tones he could make his case.

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