Sunday, November 20, 2011

Arrogance & disconnectedness

In South Korea, younger members of the Grand National Party called up its leader Lee Myung bak, president of South Korea, and party elders to apologise for being arrogant and disconnected from ordinary South Koreans in the wake of the GNP's loss of Seoul to Park Woon soon.
The 25 young GNP lawmakers sensed an impending defeat of their party in the 2012 presidential elections. A major cause of popular disaffection is the growing inequality of income and opportunity and unemployment.
It boogles the mind that, say, a group of 25 US Republican members of Congress calling up Mitch McConnell and John Boehner and Eric Cantor to apologise for arrogance and the growing disenchantment with the Republican party that has sold its soul to the banks and Corporate America and fill pockets of their with kickbacks and huge donations. In other words, the Republic party has become the shill of the one percent that own 40 percent of GDP and pull the strings of the puppets they buy in Washington.
Such a scenario is unimaginable until the party of Elephants go down in blazing defeat at the polls or percipate a depression so that the rich and the super rich pay as little taxes they are obliged to by law. And even is difficult to envisage breast beating, public apologies, and the donning of political sack cloth!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Herr Bloomberg's police state

Speaking in measured tones, Herr Bloomberg has quietly been setting up a police state in New York, to crush 'Occupy Wall Street'.
No better example is the 1:15 am police attach on the OWS at Zuccotti or Liberty Square.
OWS has shaken the pillars of New York's finance capitalism and has posed a serious challenge to Corporate America that pulls the strings in Washington so that the puppets they buy in Congress willingly do their bidding thanks to infusions of big bucks.
With each day, the protesters have increased the ill ease of the plutocrats and power elite and their rag tag army of camp followers to such a point something had to be done with an iron fist.
Herr Bloomberg's police has resurrected a network of surveillance of not only the protesters but any New Yorker who expresses a favourable opinion of OWS, as well as expresses keen criticism of his disgraceful manner of governing which can only favour the monied classes making up the one percent who own 40 percent, and perhaps more, of America's wealth. Could Herr Bloomberg act otherwise, a billionaire himself?
The New York mayor has curtailed press coverage of OWS marches, protests, and events, even going so far as to having reporters arrested by his Blue Shirts, headed by the swollen headed Ray Kelly who boasts of the New York Police Department's ties to the CIA and other spy organisations, We call this intimidation, but it's much more. Herr Bloomberg and his storm troopers are trampling on the US Constitutions and the right of citizens to protest and expression their opinions. He is practising 'prior restraint' which the US Supreme Court has struck down as illegal.
But does Herr Bloomberg care? Hardly. He is there to wage class warfare with his police in battle gear as though they were fighting in the marshes of Iraq or the mountains of Afghanistan or the jungles of Vietnam.
Herr Bloomberg's attacks on the fundamental rights of New Yorkers reminds us of the policy of 'augleichung' which Hitler imposed on Germany 80 years or so ago.
Strip the seemingly reasonable veneer off Herr Bloomberg's persona, you will find the fascist in the making.
The economic crisis of 2008 has exposed the corruption and decadence of America; OWS' voice has resonated loudly across the land and the global, saying we won't take it any more and we denounce and challenge the war Herr Bloomberg & his crowd are waging against the poor, the working and middle classes.
And look at Herr Bloomberg's language: first responders translates into his army of Blue Shirts batons drawn, pepper spray and rubber bullets ready for use, to put down any citizens' challenge to the system.
Herr Bloomberg may get cheers from his fellow coupon clippers and plutocrats and the decadent ruling class, but he and they are on the losing side of the battle!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Israeli style, NY police disperse Occupy Wall Street

At 1:15 am, with heliocopters hovering overhead, flashing blinding lights, more than 500 New York police in battle gear, tinted visors, baton in hand, with gas sprays ready, order the protestors at Zuccotti or Liberty Park to vacate immediately and take belongings with them. Those who resisted would and were arrested. The police had id badges hidden. Already barriers had been thrown up in a wide area that even stopped people leaving or going to work with no other alternative to body searches.
Hardly had the command been given the police forcefully evicted the protesters even though the majority were leaving.
Some 70 [perhaps more] practising civil disobedience were arrested and manhandled, including a member of the New York City Council. Others avoiding arrested were hit on the head by batons and roughly herded out of the immediate area on the eve of the third month occupation in the city's financial district.
News of the eviction had spread through the social network; supporters came rushing to the expelled protesters' aid. Media were on the spot: the better coverage is found on WBAI-FM a New York affiliate of the Pacifica Foundation, Amy Goodman's 'Democracy Now', Al Jazeera English, the BBC; the local New York media more or less, accepted mayor Michael Bloomberg's sophistry: the early morning raid had one and only one object: sanitation and fire prevention. Really...................
The Israeli style assault falls into a coordinated pattern within the last 48 hours to hyperactively close down OWS sites in Portland, Oregon, Salt Lake City, Utah, and New York. The military style action violates Constitutional rights and is closer to the expulsion of Palestinians from their land, Afghani from villages, Iraqi from homes, and Vietnamese 40 years ago. Yes, the Occupiers had hit the ruling classes exposed, corrupt nerves, and they reacted brutally, savagely, and with a by your leave ruthlessness.
Tonight a forum at the elite Council on Foreign Relations on OWS should prove interesting. The US mayors who front for the banks, chamber of commerce, and corporate America have behaved spectacularly stupid. As such, they have and will continue to help expand the message of the Occupiers. OWS has changed the national discourse: already thanks to their call, hundreds of millions have gone from big bracket banks into credit unions. OWS has shaken up the status quo and stressed the bankruptcy of America's political system. They are to be feared, but they seem fearless in the face of growing government repression.
Good luck to OWS as they shake the pillars of Corporate America and finance capitalism who are picking on the bones of the working and middle classes and the poor.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

US still hopes for the 'conversion' of North Korea?

During the post ww2 years, the reactionary pope Pius xii urged his faithful to pray for the conversion of Russia and all the countries that had fallen under its long, Communist shadow.
When it comes to North Korea, the US and its North Korean clerisy walk in the path Pius trod. And they have spectacularly failed: North Korea has not imploded; it has not collapsed; it has not had an epiphany to see the error of its ways, repent, and convert to American style 'democracy'.
You would think with a path of failure, the US and its talking heads, advsiors, ivy leagued ph.d.s, slush funded foundations and think tanks would take a different tack. GuamDiary had alerted its readers of the single minded pursuit of the blind hound that is US policy in its blog on Victor Cha's opinion piece in the 'Financial Times of London'.
You may scratch your head as to the drop of US policy that triggered the DPRK testing of a nuclear device. There's no need to dwell long on the cause: look at George W. Bush's 'principled', kick 'em in the labonza' approach to North Korea. And boy did he and his minions backpaddle fast. Saying this, like thee Bourbons, Bush & Obama for that matter, have learnt nothing in elaborating a 'realistic' North Korea policy: they have learnt nothing,forgotten everything!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The New York Times & North Korea

Is there something about the slight shift in 'The New York Times' coverage of North Korea that we should know?
NYT in stories, analyses, and editorials has walked lockstep with hard line US policy.
Well, today, it has a 'pictorial essay' of North Koreans at a football match, well dressed students descending a stair well, and a reveler in a night club at a Kumgang san [Diamond Mountain] hotel having a swell time at karaoke.
A few weeks ago, the Grey Lady of American journalism was warning in an editorial of the dangers of North Korea's reckless nuclear programme, as well as its intransigence in boycotting the six party talks in Beijing. And then, there are the articles filed from Seoul, of the DPRK's collapse, famine, lack of hard currency, and so on.
Is the NYT now telling us of a softening of the Obama administration's tack? Maybe the decision of the hard line government of South Korea's president Lee Myung bak to deliver much needed medical supplies to the North is a clue?
Lee is a fierce adversary of Kim Jong il, and a self styled fancier of pushing the North Korean leader to the edge of war, if not starvation, and regime collapse. Ironically, the ROK leader's strategy backfired when he and the US conducted war exercises with live ammo within spitting distance of North Korea's territorial waters in the Northern Limit Line in November 2010. The saber rattlers' shells landed in the DPRK which riposted hitting an ROK military base on Yeongpyeong island. That moment of braggadocio gave Obama food for thought. The US was unwilling to restart the quiescent 67 year old Korean War and stayed Lee's plans for more military exercises. Washington was in no mood for a third war in Asia, nor would China nor Russia stand for it.
So what's happening at the present moment? Will Obama deliver on his promise of us$900 million in food aid, in order the relieve famine in the DPRK? Will there be an announcement of a reprise of talks in Beijing?
GuamDiary cannot say for sure. Nonetheless, it keeps an alert eye open.
Once before the US and the world had a more sympathetic and nuanced appreciation of the DPRK in February 2009. At that time, the New York Philharmonic Orchestra preformed an all 'American' programme in Pyongyang, to much acclaim. The good will that the event displayed had the half life of a yet unknown element, and then nothing but the same old hard cheese of US foreign policy urged on by the hardliners among the US North Korean clerisy.
Is another opening on the horizon?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Netenyahu 'menteur', Bibi the liar

Overhead at the recent G-20 meeting at Cannes, the following exchange between presidents Sarkozy and Obama: The US chief executive was warily asking the French president why France cast its vote to allow Palestine into UNESCO as a full member. Sarko replied to words of this effect: 'Je ne peux le blairer. C'est un menteur!' or 'I cannot stand the man, he's a liar!'. To which Obama with heavy heart responded, 'you may not like him, but I have to deal with him every day'.
So, the cat's out of the bag: the US is Israel's toy to play with as it sees fit.
Netenyahu has gone off on a lunatic binge, as GuamDiary sees it. He's willing to go to war with Iran from a safe distance of firing ranges in the Negev, but what boots can he put on the ground to 'bell his nemesis Iran's cat?' None to speak of, unless he's counting on the US, UK, and the European Union to come to his assistance. Dream on little man.
As GuamDiary reminds its readers, this is not 1956 when Israel spearheaded the Anglo French Israeli invasion of Egypt to seize the nationalised Suez Canal.
At that time, president Eisenhower sent Menachem Goldmann World Zionist chair to Ben Gurion with a warning unless Israel withdraws, the US will cut off all economic and military aid. Also at that moment thanks to the dirty three's invasion to topple Nasser, Russia gained a foothold in the Arab world, much to Israel's sorrows. Ben Gurion withdrew but it held the Sinai as booty, and England and France's designs withered away to ashes.
Today, the US is Israel's captives: the US Congress is Israel's 'wooden horse": you've evangelical Christian Zionists and Jews like Eric Cantor and Howard Berman and Joe Liberman who profess allegiance first and foremost to the Zionist state, then to the US. The Israeli lobby has tonnes of cash and a good propaganda arm to defeat many a candidate who dares to criticise Israel's self aggrandising policy at the expense of the Palestinians whose land it is occupying for the last 44 year and has illegally seized a good swath of its for implanting illegal Jewish immigrants, in order to turn Palestine into Greater Israel with segregated pockets for Palestinians.
Anything Netenyahu says is suspect and lacks the ring of truth. In a way, he has turned himself into the stereotype of the anti Semites. And he's willing to self destruct along with the world to realise his impossible dreams.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Why isn't Israel labelled a 'pirate state'?

The Israeli navy prevented an Irish and a Canadian boat from reaching Gaza on 5/6 November 2011. Israel rough handedly seized the two ships with a total of 27 passengers--peaceniks, former parliamentarians, journalists--from breaking its illegal blockade of the Gaza Strip.
No one calls the Zionist state's seizure, which almost sank the boats, on international waters, on the high seas 'an act of piracy'. Why? For that is what Israel is 'a pirate state' with little or no regard for international laws and conventions, except when it favours Israel aims and designs.
The 'mini Peace Flotilla' failed, but that won't stop others from trying until the blockade is broken. Israel's stupid spat with Turkey gave an edge to the 'blockade runners': one, it could bring little pressure on Ankara to stop the vessels from steaming out of Turkish ports; two, the 63 years of friendship and cooperation are broken, thereby allowing Turkey a free hand to extend its influence in the Arab world, central Asia, and move closer to Iran. Not only that, alienating Turkey has put Israeli plans on warning since Turkey is claiming rights to an area off Israel and Cyprus that may contain billions of cubic litres of natural gas, which Israel now has to import from Egypt to meet at least 40 percent of its energy needs. And to make matters worse, the gas pipeline from Egypt since the fall of Mubarak has been blown up five times.
The pirate's reach is long and extends into the houses of the American Congress: consider the bill before a lower house committee to label any participation in Peace Flotillas as an act of terrorism. Translation: peaceniks are now to be considered 'terrorists'.
The logic is perverse if not insane. Yes, it's a case of blaming the victim.
Rather than labelling peaceniks 'terrorists', it would be better to tar and feather Israel for piracy on the high seas and bring plaint against the Zionist state before the International Court of Justice.
Hillary Clinton is so willing to do Israel's dirty business which simply makes the case that the US never can be a disinterested party in the creation of a two state solution in Israel/Palestine.
Wait there's more, the Obama administration is sweating purfusely, a very cold sweat of fear that Israel will bomb Iran without telling it beforehand. The implications, as GuamDiary has commented, will throw the region into turmoil and drag the US into another war of disastrous consequences. As we noted, 2011 is not 1956 when Israeli forces invaded Egypt along with the UK and France.
Israel has gone insane under its right wing ideologues.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

China buys North Korean coal

Pouring over Chinese data, South Korea's IBK Economic Research Institute has concluded almost a tripling of North Korea's anthracite coal to China this year. In other words, coal export rose from 3,04 million tonnes to 8,42 million tonnes, worth us$852 million.
The US and South Korea have tried every trick in their grab bag of foul and fair means to punish North Korea until it accepts demands of theirs that Kim Jong il & co. deem unacceptable.
Hear the gnashing of teeth in Washington and Seoul as China benefits from the DPRK's vast wealth in minerals which through the US and South Korea's spectacularly stupid foreign policy they have no access to.
Smug and self righteous, the US and ROK are not punishing North Korea, you can say, only themselves,to help develop the DPRK. And China laughs as does North Korea the recipient of hard foreign currency that escape the US ROK embargo.
Who has the last laugh, we ask you?

Israel prepares to bomb Iran

Is the right wing Likud Israeli prime minister 'Bib' Netenyahu's announcement that Israel is contemplating attacking Iran's 'nuclear' installation more than a ploy to scare the Iranians? You better believe it.
Now the grand old man of Israeli politics, president Shimon Peres has begun beating the drums of war. His message his tam taming is beating out says 'it looks more and more likely Israeli is going to attack Iran'. Yet, he covers himself by saying, we should not neglect alternatives.
The Zionist state is playing with fire: it is trying to square the circle by swinging a club of fear on one hand, and on the other, offering soothing balm to ease the sting of Israel's threats.
Objectively speaking, the aggressive Zionist politicians are feeling entrapped, owing to their inflexibility to adapt to changing conditions in West Asia and in the Arab world. They are taking advantage of economic crisis in Europe which threatens the US banks and the American economy by rapping on war, as if they think that the US and the European Union will go to war with Iran if Israel makes the first move.
We are no longer in 1956 when Israel grabbed the Sinai and went into Egypt, precipitating the Anglo French Suez Crisis. We are 55 years later with a nuclear Israel, ready to declench a mushroom cloud on Iran.
GuamDiary has already expressed its feeling that as Israel's prestige in the Middle East has declined, the Zionist state's elite has gone mad, their G-d will destroy them if they attack Iran. The tragedy, however, is that Israel's self 'Goetterdaemmerung' will bring down the rest of the world.

Gangarene alerte chez Murdoch

Media Mogul Rupert Murdoch's empire is stricken with spreading gangarene. Already he has had to lop off the money making 'News of the World' to stave off the spreading disease of scandal that in the longer run will topple him and his family.
The 'fer de lance' which is 'The Guardian' announces that as a reward to 'NOTW's' editor Rebekah Brooks a severence packet of us$2,7 million for her loyalty? as a guarantee to keep her mouth shut?
Younger son James has soon to testify again before a parliamentary committee to answer new evidence which strongly challenges his original business school blather when he first appeared before the parliamentarians in summer 2011.
More, it looks that more and more journalists are willing to talk to authorities about the widespread telephone hacking of royals, missing and dead youth, elected officials peccadillos, so on. The rot has spread to the profitable British 'Sun' and may as well become noticeable in the 'Sunday Times', which Murdoch owns.
Investigation of hacking of 9/11 victims and families in the US appear quiescent at present, but there is no indication that the enquiry has been abandoned.
Murdoch is no choir boy, but even he has to wonder how the scandal has darkened him in the eyes of his centenarian mother in Australia. He may very well be his father's son, but has he betrayed his highly respected mother?

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Douglas Feith Israel's shabbat goy

Douglas Feith had opinion piece in 2 November 2011 issue of the 'Wall Street Journal'. Feith is Israel's 'shabbos goy', you know the guy who turns on the lights for pious Jews who cannot during the sabbath lest they violate G-d's commandments as the rabbis define them.
Feith argues that Israel should become a presidential issue in 2012. Blimey, Israel is a US political issue that no one running for office an evade, given the tentacles and influence of the Israeli lobby represented notably by AIPAC.
A long time Republican insider, as a lawyer, he has connexions with an American Israeli law firm with headquarters in Tel Aviv.
Feith is not Jewish and that makes him a prize to front for the Zionist state in America's political establishment and ruling classes and Republican party.
Better known for his hand in creating false info on Bush's invasion of Iraq, like all 'failed' bureaucrats, he is on the faculty of the Georgetown's prestigious school of foreign services and is a fellow at the right wing New York based Hudson Institute and a director of the Center for National Security Strategies.
As is his assigned role of Israel's 'shabbos goy', he plies his trade in trying to influence US policy towards Israel or upend any attempt to expose Israel's sins of omission and commission and interference in American political life contrary to US law.

Canada and Ireland attempt to break Israeli blockade of Gaza

As the mad men governing Israel test long range missiles, elaborate plans to bomb Iran, and continue illegal occupation and settlement of Palestinian lands with Zionist settlers, peace boats continue setting out to break Israel's illegal blockade of Gaza.
This time only two boats from Ireland and Canada are heading for the Strip from Turkish ports. Each vessel is carrying much needed medicine that the Zionists do not let entry into Gaza, as well as letters of greetings and solidarity to the Palestinians landlocked into a prison of Israel's making.
Now, they are in international waters. Will Israel engaged in yet another act of piracy on the high seas to stop them? More likely than not. The US does support Israel's violation of the laws of the sea, but this time is too concerned with matters economic to use its clout to stop this mini Peace Flotilla, as it did a few months ago by sitting on the Greek and Turkish authorities.
As GuamDiary sees it, Israel is like a rabid dog attacking anyone or anything that challenges its dying power in the Middle East; internally the growing disparity of wealth has thrown up tents of protests in the streets of Tel Aviv; externally, Egypt can twist its tail to extract advantages since the fall of Mubarak, Turkey is challenging the Zionist state's hegemony in the region, and the Israeli ruling classes have shredded the image of Israel as a democratic state as they move to authoritarian rule...a rule which foists upon Jews the claustrophobic do's and don't's they use on Arabs.
The Peace Flotillas challenge Zionist hegemony peacefully. Saying this, it is a challenge that hastens the erosion of any disguise that Israel is for peace. No, it is for the use of brute force to realise its goal of a 'Greater Israel' without Palestinians. Such megalomanic plans are doomed to failure.

Occupy ....

Occupy Oakland closed down the very active Port of Oakland during a General Strike, the first in the Bay Area city's since 1946. The GS kept businesses and banks closed. Almost everything came to a standstill. The police were nowhere in sight until the dark of night when with smoke bombs, they charged demonstrators and took prisoners. Thus ended a 'momentous day'.
Have the US ruling classes begun absorbing the fact that the 'Occupy Wall Street' movement that has spread across the length and breath of the US is not going away?
They can no long dismiss the rising tide of 'hatred' of the 99 percent to the finance capitalists who pull the strings of Authority in Washington, in state capitols, and the thousands of municipalities across the 50 states. They would be wrong not to 'reform' the stifling climate that has cut out the 'middle classes', the working classes, and the poor from the luxury the plutocrats and their lap dogs in political office enjoy.
The tide of discontent is rising, but the waters threatening the ruling classes are now lapping at their feet. Nor can the coupon clippers and financial wizards dismiss, scornfully, the 'occupiers' & friends as disorganized, with no agenda nor plan of action, and the like. The American ruling oligarchy continues to dully manoeuvre to keep power at its own peril.
Already the political mechanisms of power are broken. The politicians who front for the big bracket banks turn out to be mindless idiots: you only have to look at the string of Republican candidates vying for the Elephant party's nomination for president in the 2012 elections, to realise that they are second or third or fourth rate, and what's more, brain dead.
Obama is a schil for Wall Street.
Little wonder the 'occupiers' & friends are going outside 'business as usual' ways of doing things. Their message, simple and direct, has given expression of protest to the downtrodden peons that finance capitalists engendered through political manipulation, mad speculation, and so on, resulting in the global recession of 2008.
The 'occupiers' & co. are showing that the ruling classes can no longer disguise their 'crimes'. The string pullers of Wall Street forget that the 'occupiers' & friends are well educated; have been taught the small secrets of working the system, and know how to fashion that knowledge into to weapons to use against the one percent who try to pass themselves off as finance capitalism's feudal lords.
'Occupiers' & friends are willing to be arrested, go to jail, and possibly to spend some time there, in order to foster and expend the growing army of followers. That resolve more than anything should sound the alarum to the plutocrats & their camp followers that their days are numbered.
As the overused slogan says: 'the people united can never be defeated' [in the longer run]. It is not for nothing that songs like 'Solidarity forever' or 'the banks are made of marble, there's a guard at every door' have come back as common coin of the protesters.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Netenyahu has gone ballistic

If any proof need be shown that Israeli prime minister 'Bibi' Netenyahu has gone completely mad, consider his decision to bomb Iran. In this, he is aided and abetted by his defence minister Ehud Barak, the man who lost the last Israeli war in Lebanon. Will Avigdor Liberman, the foreign minister, sign on to this lunatic plan?
Bombing Iran will throw not only the Middle East but the world into turmoil for much is at stake, not the least oil. The US has no such stomach for Zionist adventurism, let alone another war in Asia. Yet will Obama have the 'guts' to muzzle mad dog Netenyahu a year before he stands for reelection?
Israel has lost its sanity. It is more isolated than ever, yet it is forging ahead under Netenyahu to seize all Palestinian land and to incorporate it into a Greater Israel.
And yet UNESCO has come to Palestine's rescue by welcoming it as a full member. As such, the Palestinians can and will challenge Israel's illegal land grab of, and planting illegal Jewish settlements on their land on the West Bank and in East Jerusalem.
Netenyahu's cries that he is working towards a two state solution are hollow: he is accelerating settlement building and removing more Palestinians from their land. So much for his lies! Alas the feckless US backs him up.
Netenyahu has gone beyond the horizon ideologically: he is in Dr. Strangelove land. In his pursuit of extremist Zionist designs, he is willing to destroy Israel as though it were the Valhalla in Wagner's 'Goetterdaemmerung'.
Who will rid us this lunatic?

Railroading Julian Assange

After much deliberation, London court has ruled that Julian Assange "should" be extradited to Sweden to answer questions about date rape, even though the founder of Wikileaks has never been charged with a crime.
You have to wonder what went on in the court's chamber to deny him the right to remain in England. Assange has offered other options to answer questions about charges brought against him: at first they were dropped; his alleged 'victims' owned up the sex was consentual; nonetheless, another district attorney in another part of Sweden reinstated them.
Aussange, willing to cooperate with the Swedish authorities, fears that should he go to Sweden, Sweden would ship him off to the US on the basis of an extradition treaty.
The Obama administration is looking for the Australian's blood since 'Wikileaks' began publishing US diplomatic cables that have embarrassed the US and caused reparable damage with its allies.
There is an odour of collusion in the London court's pronouncement: did it buckle under 'foreign pressure'? No doubt, details will emerge concerning how the decision was rendered.
So far the US has 'bankrupted' 'Wikileaks', which has temporarily shut down its business; the Obama administration has used laws to deny ordinary Americans and government workers access to information Assange's outfit leaked on pain of pursuit in the courts for reading lowly classified or declassified information, only available now on foreign websites.
The hunt for Assange's blood has driven the US to extra legal means; Obama & co. won't be satisfied until they've Assange's head on a stick.
Yet Aussange's lawyers have recourse to higher courts to overturn the London court's dodgy verdict.