Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Will the spirit of Camp David hold?

Rumours that Egypt would expel Israel's ambassador in Cairo has shaken the pillars of 'the spirit of Camp David'. Since the downfall of Hosni Mubarak, the 'cold peace' between Egypt and Israel is seeing modification that has caught the Zionist state off centre.
Israel's pursuit of "terrorists" into Egypt's Sinai, killing Egyptian border guards, has exposed a harsh reality: there are limits to Israel's free wheeling right to poach on other countries' territory. Egypt is not Lebanon nor occupied Palestine nor war torn Gaza.
The new emerging Egypt has very mixed feelings about peace with Israel. That 'cold peace' may continue to obtain but at a price which is humbling the overarmed and quick to war state of Israel. Egypt can and will impose conditions that the Zionist state, willy nilly, will have to swallow.
Already the 'new' Egypt has not restored gas supplies which account for 40 percent of Israeli energy needs. Secondly, Mubarak's fall meant that Israel will have to put a hold on its economic development from 'peaceful' use to beefing up its military which thanks to Mubarak's shouldering maintain order on its borders with Israel and joining in in keeping the Palestinians in line. Thirdly, were it not for the open tap of US taxpayers footing the bill in billions to Israel and Egypt the long 'cold peace' would have collapsed. Can the US continue propping up Israel with military and economic aid that the Zionist state has never repaid? Egypt is piling up unforgiven debt with the US, but America will write it down every now and then for influence in the Arab world's largest and trend setter in the Middle East.
As it stands now, a weariness has set in in Egyptian Israeli relations. The end of Mubarak's regime has let loose the uneasiness and mixed feelings Egyptians harbour towards Israel.
As GuamDiary has often observed, Israel is slow to learn the lessons of the Arab spring, if that. Its own internal political dynamic has locked it into a wreckless race towards the complete incorporation of the occupied Palestinian lands in the West Bank into a Greater Israel with a captive Arab population farmed out into South African Apartheid styled Bantustans.
The revisionist Zionist dream, which ordinary Zionist ideology shares, will in the end weaken Israel and to maintain its bully posture in the Middle East it is willing to become Egypt's cat's paw.

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