Monday, August 1, 2011

Obama gives away company store which will make him a one term president

US president Barack Obama went on America television late Sunday [31 July 2011], announcing a deal on the budget and debt, thereby sparing the 'world's only superpower [sic]' of a default. Calling it a 'balanced' response to avert a crisis, Obama put his fellow Democrats in a position whereby they are going to undo the work of FDR and LBJ. In sum, he has given the right wing Republicans what they wanted whilst crying 'victory' for his presidency.
Eyewash! Obama has sold out his base and condemned the vanishing 'middle classes' and the working poor and the down and out to years of servitude by paying for the debauched corporate elite that pulls the strings.
From the get go, the Republicans read Obama right. They saw in him a callow, vain president with precious little experience who was chasing a place in the history book as being above the fray, a unifier, a peace maker, or goodness gracious us a 'saint'.
In truth, this sitting US president turned out to be weak, who, in his self satisfied sense of self, would give away the store to crow he brought 'all the brothers and sisters' together and reached a reasoned, balanced consensus. That reasonableness existed only in his mind.
Day one of his administration, he has miss read the mood of the economy, the health of the nation, and the suffering of the American people. Instead of punishing the bankers for causing the global 2008 recession, he gratified them with privileges and more money; instead of creating public works to put an almost 10 percent of unemployed American back to work, he settled for paying them for two years for doing nothing whilst companies sent jobs abroad and retrenched at home by not hiring; instead of broadening a health policy by extending Medicare to all Americans as the Canada did for its own citizens, he threw them to the wolves of private assurers; instead of winding out two failed wars, he fell for the arguments of the military to enlarge engagement in Afghanistan; instead of defending the rights of his citizens, he extended wiretapping and trampling on their fundamental rights; and so on and on.
In dealing with the Republicans, he has proven himself too clever by half by going further right than them, but not as extreme as the mad members of the Tea Party.
In sum, he has done everything wrong in the broadest sense of the word. And for that, he probably will lose re election in 2012 in spite of his ability to raise a cool US$1 billion in funds.
He has done everything to ensure that the plutocrats will seize all levels of US government next year and hasten the downwards spiral of a nation that has lost its way with more than a little help from a man called Obama.

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