Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Beating the war drums on North Korea

Japan's intelligence services are warning that North Korea is 'seeking a new long distance rocket capable of reaching the American territory of Guam'.
This 'rumour' is not knew. North Korea itself has long boasted in its verbal duel with the US that its long distance rockets have the capacity to hit Los Angeles! Call it braggadocio! The DPRK leaders are not fools: burnt into memory is the utter devastation and waste that the US aeroplanes visited on North Korea during the peace treaty less Korean War of 61 years ago.
Japan is part of the tripartite axis along with the US and South Korea in trying to 'roll back' North Korea to the point of collapse or surrender to the trio's demands.
Recent US DPRK talks in New York went nowhere but did one thing: it had North Korea and the US talking to each other. Let out in the reporting of the two day confab was that North Korea was willing to abide by a 2005 pledge to deactivate its nuclear programme in return for much needed food. The US did not seriously consider the offer; it felt 'once burnt, twice shy'. But was it really burnt as it coordinated a no prisoners taken position with a vindictive Lee Myung bak government in Seoul?
As GuamDiary has often commented, the US wants to bring down Kim Jong il by any means necessary; it cut off food donations through NGOs in 2008 in step with South Korea's abandonment of the 'Sunshine Policy', stopping deliveries of fertilisers and food, and halting any commercial activities between North and South.
The time for talking is past or maybe put off for another day, the war drums are thumping away furiously warning us that the dreaded North Koreans are once more engaging in activities that will put us in danger of another war.
Lee in South Korea has visions of reuniting a divided Korean peninsula, and he is even willing to tax South Koreans more to hasten that day which he puts as 2017. The US is in no measure to fight another war, the more especially since it won't have enough money to keep the country's books balanced for healthy growth.
So the rejectionist trio turn to renewed propaganda wars, which will keep everyone on a state of high alert, but will pass up any practical opportunity to deal with North Korea in a commonsensical way diplomatically.

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