Tuesday, August 16, 2011

80 US members of Congress living it high on the hog in Israel

80 US members of Congress are enjoying their 'summer vacation' in Israel at the expense of the American Israel Education Foundation, an arm of the powerful American Israel Public Affairs Committee.
Instead of taking care of serious business at home and the fears and concerns of their constituents as they pertain to jobs, medical expenses, education, infrastructure, taxing the wealthy, they are being wined and dined by the Israeli government to do its bidding when it comes to unstoppable economic and military aid to Israel and emasculating Palestinians designs for a state of their own.
In a word, in place of dealing with the serious economic and political paralysis at home, these 80 solons are living it up as though they are spending a week or two at summer camp.
And who do we find among the 80: Eric Cantor the Republican majority leader in the House of Representatives. Eric is a political dunderhead. A no raise taxes on the rich and wealthy, a believer in small government, he is also the man who divides his loyalty to the US and the people who elected him with his 'fealty' that he swore to the right wing Likud leader of Israel's government, 'Bibi' Netenyahu. In other words, as a Jew, his personal religious belief is superior to his loyalty to the office and the country that he is sworn to uphold. Even though he issued a denial, his actions betray his words. One only has to look at them to see an echo of Israel's fears and concerns and foreign policy objectives.
There is no denying that support for Israel is used as a cutting edge in elections. The former US congressman and mayor of New York Ed Koch has put his nose into a quick election to replace the disgraced Anthony Wiener. Two Jews are vying for the seat: one an Orthodox Jew for the Democrats and an unknown for the Republicans. Koch's measure of their abilities to serve their constituents Jew and non Jew alike is how pro Israel they are! More likely than not the pious Jew will take the race, but the ex mayor's mischief is the kind of blackmail that is endemic in American politics when it comes to Israel.
And the junket the 80 congressmen are enjoying is the reason why US policy on Israel and America's relations with the Arabs are so out of kilter.
And of course, the utter corruption of Congress by powerful lobbies foreign and domestic who buy votes and rob the ordinary voter of any change which can and do affect their and their families let alone the country's domestic tranquillity and welfare and health, thereby contributing to the wholesale breakdown of the US' political, social, and economic health.

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