Thursday, August 18, 2011

Obama promise a 'jobs' plan in September

Did Obama's three state tour bring him closer to the realty of America? Largely ignoring polls showing that 84 percent of Americans want and need jobs, instead of brutal slashing of government programmes which spare the bloated military industrial complex, America's 45 president has had an epiphany: yes, America needs an economic programme to put Americans back to work and turn around America's powerhouse of an economy that is the envy of the world.
Judging by his exhortations to the early pre election campaign for his re election in Iowa, Michigan, and Illinois, he called on the American people to do his job for him by pressuring Congress to do theirs.
Can we expect much from a man who has exercised his own powers as president for the last 30 months to switch horses in mid stream?
Obama is talking in his light weight language of bi partisanship, working together as a family, and showing 'love between the brothers and sisters' all over the land. He is preaching tightening of belts whilst agreeing with a rabid, mad, extreme Republican Party to downgrade America's middle classes and the working poor, thereby turning the country into a giant sweat shop for the corporations and the fat cats who are laughing all the way to the bank where they have more than us$1.2 trillion in cash which they aren't spending, and had they would help alleviate many of the current woes affecting the country.
What can we expect from a dashing president who cuts a good figure in photo ops and has the gift of the verb? A president who lives in the world of lofty ideals and is more at home with 'a roomful of smart people with diverse views to hash things out'?
A man who thinks of himself as bridge to somewhere which has turned out to be nowhere?
Has this president the intestinal fortitude to put the insane Republican demands on the run? Looking at his team of advisors counseling him on the economy, he hardly inspires confidence and hope. He surrounded himself with the best and the brightest, but these stellar minds were the very people created the 2008 global recession from which the country and Europe are still reeling from.
Will Obama serve stronger tea in his 'jobs' programme to be announced in September? Miracles can happen but touts are giving odds he will come up with something which does not cut the mustard as he has done for the almost three years of his presidency.

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