Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Murdoch empire ain't off the hook

Rupert Murdoch remains victorious after his handpicked board of directors unanimously expressed undying and uncritical obedience. Secure in his isolated castle, he has in no way stopped the hacking scandal in Britain from spreading like a cancer gnawing at the bowels of his empire.
He may buy politicians, suborn the police, and send his 'mafiosi' of trusted employees to bully his own employees and brutally crush his opponents, but his luck is running out.
David Cameron will not last long in office. His hand picked successor son James is damaged goods that even in the short run he will jettison. In the longer run, he is going to have to turn to 'outsiders' for support, and that will begin end of his family empire. Once a media mogul's family loses its 'mojo', the Murdoch state with in 'States' will go the way of all flesh. Saying this, we are not stating an historical law, but a sorry tale of other media moguls and their families who've gone under the corporate guillotine's blade.
Already in the US, an investigation is underway of News Corp. hacking and gangland style takeovers. Tim Dickerson has a straightforward article on Murdoch's black arts of running a business and of eliminating his opposition or buying off the US political elite of the Republican Party, in the current issue of 'Rolling Stones'.
Murdoch & co. are in the crosshairs of a process which is not only shaking the pillars of his temple to himself in Nero like splendour and ambition but of the cracking of its foundation.

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