Monday, August 22, 2011

Six party talks ready to convene soon?

GuamDiary won’t be surprised if the six party talks in Beijing will begin again. Maybe sometime after the annual UN opening in September. Why do we have a good feeling that something is afoot?

Kim Jong il, along with his third son Kim Jong eun his designated successor, is in Moscow for talks with president Dmitry Medvedev on food aid and the DPRK’s nuclear programme.

Is there a coincidence in the US’ extending a hand with us$900 million in food aid to be distributed by NGO’s like Mercy Corp. which has a good track record of providing food to famished North Koreans from port to point of distribution in the provinces.

As GuamDiary noted that the Obama’s gesture, along with the North’s willingness to cooperate in the reclaiming and repatriation of the remains of fallen GI’s during the active phase of Korean War 60 years ago. The warming diplomatic winds come as a result of North Korea’s first vice minister of foreign affairs Kim Gye gwan’s two day talks in New York with senior department of state officials.

Is it also a realization that North Korea is not going to collapse and that feeding a population that has endured severe hunger owing more to the vagaries of Mother Nature than human neglect.?

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