Thursday, August 11, 2011

North Korea looks towards southeast Asia

Southeast Asia has opened a window for a North Korea plagued by sanctions. Singapore, unofficially, served as a venue for commercial deals between the DPRK and the generals' ruled ROK. Cambodia for historical reasons has maintained good relations with North Korea, and Phnom Penh boasts of an excellent North Korean restaurant and other DPRK business ventures.
For obvious reasons, Vietnam and Laos have long relations with the DPRK. Until the ouster of Thaksin Shinawatra once had a two way trade of us$331 in chemicals, raw materials, and machinery.
Burma has maintained good relations with North Korea. Even now a North Korean ship is in harbour awaiting the lading of Burmese rice.
And Malaysia will have an air route to North Korea in September 2011 for purposes of tourism and business.

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