Wednesday, August 17, 2011

North Korea plays its cards well

15 August marked the liberation of the two Koreas from Japanese colonial rule. South Korea's president Lee Myung bak in a flourish worthy of Moliere's 'Harpagon' called on North Korea's Kim Jong il to let bygones be bygones, so that the two Koreas can coexist peacefully.
Hypocrisy thy name is Lee. Since arriving at the Blue House in 2008, he has done everything to push North Korea towards collapse and to war. In pursuing his aim of 'destroying North Korea' by any means necessary, he is joined by America's Barack Obama.
Now let's look at Lee's hand of peace he is offering Kim: an annual replay of joint military exercise called 'Ulchi' with the US, with a schedule of drills and the use of live ammunition, simulating invasion of the North. Is this Lee's idea of promoting peace and building confidence in a tripwire divided Korean peninsula?
North Korea has cards of its own to play, and they are strong ones. The North threatens to 'bolster it nuclear deterrent for self defence and cope with the drills'.
It may seem tiresome to repeat the message that South Korea and the US are not interested in dealing fair and square with North Korea. They are trying every trick in a shopworn notebook to force it to collapse, owing to a starving population, lackluster economy, failing infrastructure, so on and on.
Yet, North Korea has not imploded: unobserved or ignored? a transformation is taking place in the DPRK according to a timetable of its own that the ROK and the US ignore or are blind to or simply too dense to acknowledge. As such, it is the US and the South who are trampling on battered down earth with the same hidebound tactics which doom them to failure.
The North knows by mentioning its nuclear programme it sends a blue streak of unease in Seoul and Washington, who, although they wish they could 'roll back' the DPRK with a renewed war in Korea, know they cannot. And so they play tin soldier and sailor to provoke the North to fire the opening salvo of a war they are eager to fight.
Sorry old darlings...the US is not in a position to open a third war in Asia nor even a limited action in Korea. China won't like it and the US is afraid of China who holds America's economic life in its hands. And can Washington in a moment of political and financial paralysis keep 28.000 troops in South Korea? Already voices are being raised to recall them and the 80.000 others in Europe to cut the burgeoning US war debt!
North Korea knows with whom it is playing an joint US ROK version of 'lair's poker', and it has the cards to win!

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