Monday, August 15, 2011

In the court of Barack Obama the advisors argue

In the court of Barack Obama his advisors argues that it is better to stay the course on the deficit to ‘woo’ independent who threw their support in the 2010 bi elections to the right wing Republicans, to reelect the 45 America president to a second term in office. Another faction argues for a robust response to a reactionary Republican platform by listening to the voters who want jobs and putting the US economy back to work, to financial health, and squeeze the conceit that corporations are people until they pay their fair share of taxes, as well as dunning the coupon clippers and plutocrats in the market place.

We know Obama has an idea of himself as a unifier, a compromiser, a man with a silver tongue which in the current mess in Washington and the country’s reversal of fiscal fortunes have proven weak, if not ineffectual. The American president takes a lawyerly tack to problems, drawing out a decision which, when it comes, lacks impact. It does not take a rocket scientist to see that Obama is costing on strategy which until now has marginalized dealing with jobs other than pretty debating points that have the value of ego money but do not put men and women back to work nor food in empty larders.

The longer Obama plays J. Alfred Prufrock agonizing over ‘dare he eat a peach?’ the shakier his dreams of a second term in office seem more like gossamer wings than a realizable goal.

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