Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A lack of old fashioned morality

David Cameron has found the alchemist's secret to spinning political gold out of riots: a lack of old fashioned morality. Blimey, blow us over with a feather!
He should know since from his smary upper class education and his rubbing elbows with the corrupt elite such as Rupert Murdoch and family who can play him like a violin, he embodies 'old fashioned morality'.
Furthermore, he is doing everything to fuel further social unrest. Yet his old fashioned morality will in the end rest on more police, more prisons, and more misery and dysfunction to, and for the British people save himself and the ruling class.
In his own way of 'murdering' society, he is like the 'saviour' that Peter O'Toole wonderfully played in that arch film on the manners and mores of the British ruling class in the film 'The Ruling Class'.

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