Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Israel arming its colonies in the occupied West Bank

If proof ever were needed that Israel is not going to return the illegal seize of land its has taken from the Palestinians in 43 years of its occupation of the West Bank land Arab East Jerusalem, the arming of settler colonies with anti personnel weapons and up to day military arms and equipment should free any impartial observer of the fallacy that the Zionist state will relinquish control of the illegally seized Palestinian territory as part of what is a design of a 'Greater Israel' stretching from the Mediterranean to the Jordan river.
Triggering this rush to fortify colonists who are already armed to the teeth is a fear that the UN General Assembly in its opening session in September 2011 will recognise Palestine as a state although it is under Israeli occupation.
The fear of the wrong doer, violator of endless international agreements, and UN resolution, Israel lives in great fear that at the moment the UN may declare Palestine a state in good standing in the world area, such a proclamation would trigger an uprising against the Zionist occupiers.
The scenario is worthy of a B film, the more especially since Israel is a heavily armed state and has at least 200 atomic weapons; thinks nothing of waging war on its neighbours proactively and seizing vessels on the high sea in a manner which might have titillated the Barbary pirates.
Israel extreme reaction is symptomatic of its own internal contradictions and its inability to make peace with its neighbours nor recognise Palestine in a two solution.
The Zionist state is a Goliath that has the ability to cause much wrack and ruin but has the ability to sleep well at night. Brief, Israel has let its worst nightmares colour its own dreams and policies which ironically will hasten its own isolation and decline.

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