Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Will Israel attack Iran?

Even if Israel attacks Iran, it won't destroy Tehran's push for a nuclear power industry. Logistically, it would be a folly for the Zionist state to send its fighter jets to do its nastiness: the immediate fly in the tactical ointment is that the aeroplanes have to refuel in mid air. They are then at the mercy of Iran's air force. Strategically speaking, the plan is a disaster from its inception: it goes to show you Israel's desperation as its power declines in the Middle East.
Even its rockets, in spite of loss of civilian life and damage in Iran, will hardly inflict a decisive blow.
Which leaves Israel's nuclear arsenal: will the right wing Netenyahu government risk using atomic weapons and perhaps biological weapons on Iran?
We cannot ignore that possibility for the Zionist leadership has been on the road to madness and self destruction for a good many years. And in a reenactment of Wagner's 'Goetterdaemmerung', it see Israel destroyed to quell its 'existential fright and fear' of Iran.

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