Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Admiral Robert Willard confirms use of food aid as weapon

As the parliament of fowls cackle in the White House, department of state, and Pentagon, US policy towards North Korea has reached another rung in desperation.
Admiral Robert Willard, commander of the US Pacific Command, acknowledged that the Obama administration, as GuamDiary has long commented, is using food aid to bend North Korea to its demands to abandon the DPRK nuclear program.
The US has used food aid as a weapon before; it has worked, though he sent many children and the elderly to an earlier death. Consider Iraq, the Bush administration had to mount a duplicitous Madison Avenue like campaign to get America behind his invasion of Iraq. And today, the Iraqi are picking up the pieces of a disaster Bush & co. visited on their country.
GuamDiary keeps scratching its head, asking, as it has done time and time again before, hasn't the US North Korean clerisy learnt a thing about North Korea. The DPRK basks in its ultra nationalism; it is fiercely proud of its history and country, so threats like denial of food aid won't work. For the US, under Obama, cut off all aid since 2008, and somehow North Korea hasn't collapsed. That should tell our fine feathered North Korean experts something, but, alas, it doesn't. They keep chirp, chirp, chirping the same hoary melody of sanctions, punitive measures, and the like which have always run into a stonewall of failure. You'd think they'd learn something. Wrong!
What a waste of taxpayers' money! And, the tragedy is: the Obama administration will continue on its path of folly. Hasn't anyone read Mike Chinoy's 'Meltdown'?

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