Friday, February 17, 2012

The bishops, buggery, and the pill

The bishops in the Roman church are a curious lot. They look the other way when it comes to priests buggering little boys or diddling little girls, but thump on bibles and church law when it comes to the pill.
A court case in Philadelphia will now shine the spotlight on a bishop who did look the other way when it came down to the clergy's paedophilia. Knowingly he transferred his buggering priests to other parishes where the could once more rape boys.
Now he is going to be in the dock and if convicted, his 'crime' will send shivers through the church which has been shelling out millions to quiet the sins of its clergy.
On the other hand, president Obama undercut the bishops high dudgeon on having to pay for medical plans that include contraception. What has come out of all this brouhaha of righteous indignation and canon law and biblical lore is that the faithful cherry pick on what church discipline they will follow or simply ignore. For the majority of Catholics do practise birth control and take the pill, and, yes, will abort.

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