Friday, February 3, 2012

Israel pushes bombing forward to Spring 2012

Israeli war drums are increasing in tempo and outrage. Moshe Ya'lon, deputy prime minister and minister of strategic affairs, is floating the rumour that Iran's advanced rocketry can now deliver a long range missile, possibly with an atomic payload, to hit the US 6000 km away.
Although this is seemingly patently untrue, Ya'lon is turning the screws on the US to caution Israel's attack on Iran in the next few months.
The Obama administration is playing down this Zionist hawk's assertion; its defense depart and intelligence services put little sock in Ya'lon's words. Nonetheless, Washington is feeling the heat behind the scenes. How can did stop Israel's mad designs to ignite yet another war in the Middle East, one obviously doomed to failure, and one that the crazy trioka of Netenyahu, Barak, and Ya'lon placed bets on the US coming into the fray to protect and fight for Israel's mad forward designs on Iran.
GuamDiary has already commented on investigative reporter Ronen Bergmann's article detailing Israel's push to get the US into an Israeli war with Iran that is from the beginning a failure. It recalls the Imperial Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour in thinking.
This Zionist gambit is done with malice of foresight: it is a presidential year and as GuamDiary has always contended, Israel is also an American domestic issue. If Obama does stay Israeli designs in a crass way, he will lose his bid for a second term, so goes the evil trioka's reasoning.
Obama should do what Eisenhower did at the time of the 1956 Suez crisis, quietly threaten to immediately end all economic and military aid to the Zionist state, no matter the costs, and save Israel from itself.
For an attack on Israel will prove a disaster for its own civilians, and may even destroy it as a state. And of course, we can never rule out that Israel will nuke Iran.

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