Saturday, February 4, 2012

Bradley Manning is left out to dry

A general court marshall for Bradley Manning, that is recommendation of the military tribunal cum department of justice panel, in December 2011.
Now two generals signed off on the tribunal's expressed verdict, and Bradley Manning will go before a general court martial.
Were he tried in a civilian court, circumstances of his imprisonment, treatment, humiliation, and cruel and [un]usual punishment might have been such to throw his case out of court.
In a court martial, his witnesses for the defence may very well be denied testifying on Manning's behalf for any number of reasons, most of which would be flimsy at best.
As GuamDiary previously suggested 'military justice is to justice as military music is to music'.
In essence, don't expect a fair trial for Manning, he's condemned in advance. And, he will be convicted and left out to dry during many years if not life in prison.

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