Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Netenyahu condemns bombings

You've got to hand it to right wing Likud Israeli prime minister 'Bib' Netenyahu for his unmitigated gall.
Riding his high horse of indignation, he blamed Iran for the car bombing of an Israeli vehicle in New Delhi and the failed bombing of another in Tbilisi. He cast thunderbolts of condemnation against a terrorist regime in Tehran. Indigent, he put himself on the side of the angels.
Hold your horses, 'Bibi'! What about the assassination and murder of Israel's enemies by the Zionist state's own hit squad?
Is the public's memory so short that it forgot the killing of Mahmoud al Mabhouh in Dubai? Yet, the operation was a colossal embarrassment for Israel. CCTVs captured the entire Mossad run operation on tape and exposed Israel to charges that it was guilty of identity fraud by friendly government like Australia, Britain, and Ireland, who usually support Israel up and down, front and centre from condemnation.
The laundry list of Israel hit squad targets is long and documentable if you take the time to surf the web. Yes, Israel is not without sin, and when it serves its purposes will betray even its proconsul the US.
Was Iran's hand behind the New Delhi and Tbilisi bombings? And yet, no one but the non traditional media linked to the idea that the bombings, which killed no one, but injured two, happened on the fourth anniversary of an Israeli killing of a Hizbullah leader.
Iran blames Israel for the training of terrorists who on motor scooters plonk mines on automobiles which already killed two atomic scientists. Israel has rejected blame.
Nonetheless, Israel's war of attrition goes on unabated. It deserves censure for it engages in bold displays of terrorism that deserve condemnation before international courts of justices.

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