Friday, February 17, 2012

Lin fever

What can one say about Jeremy Lin that hasn't been said before?
The veil of invisibility has been torn on the Asian America. Suddenly, the point guard of the New York Knicks basketball team has been catapulted into stardom.
In the short span of two weeks, he has breathed new life into a team down on its luck, and everyone, including the rather myopic owners, coach, and sportscasters and reporters, sat up and took notice.
It simply goes to show you, how much the big money lacks imagination and foresight: the big boys of sports are mired in the tried and true and cautious and in stereotypes.
Michael Lewis' 'Moneyball' highlights the shortsightedness of the sports world.
For the moment, Jeremy Lin has broken through the muck and mire of conventional wisdom: he put new energy into a team on the way to the bottom; he saved a coach's job; and he made the US and the world clean their glasses and look at Asian America again.
And yet, sad to say, there are thousands of Jeremy Lins out there, talented that they are suffer from the simpleminded common wisdom of pigeonholing people by race, religion, ethnic background, sexual orientation, etc., do not get the chance to succeed.
Lin grew mouldy on the bench until out of desperation his coach threw him into the game. And we know the rest. And so does the world over. Let's hope, there will be other like Harvard's Jeremy Lin, who will get their chance.

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