Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pakistan goes huffy puffy over leaked NATO report

Who does Pakistan think its kidding? A leaked NATO report rips the veil of deniability that its intelligence service the infamous ISI and its own military and civil government have played hanky panky in the maintenance of Pakistani dominance in Afghanistan.
Foreign minister Hina Rabbani Khar can jolly well dismiss the report as 'frivolous', but its contents simply connect the dots of Pakistan's collaboration, collusion, protection, and favouring the Taliban in Afghanistan at the same time its own home grown version is tearing the country's own loins by accelerating its own brand of fanaticism and terrorism.
Let's not forget, Pakistan intelligence services and military have kept Mullah Omar under wraps for the last 10 years in or around Quetta. It offers 'sanctuary' to Afghan Taliban in the tribal regions of Waziristan. And more insulting to its paymaster the US, it allowed Osama Bin Laden breathing space in Abbotabad before US Navy Seals took him out of action.
What a rum little mess the US and its NATO allies find themselves in. In a way, the chickens have come home to roost for America.
GuamDiary has already recommended the reading of Mohammed Hanif's wonderful novel, 'the Case of exploding mangoes' which in an engaging way tells of the tight collaboration of the US and the then dictator General Zia ul Haq who wound up the Islam toy lorry and set it on its way; today, we are witnessing the results of this incestuous political alliance which is causing Washington much 'agita'.
And what has it gained the US taxpayer? A colossal burden to prop up a dirty military and spy network that works to sabotage America's war against terror to the tune of billions of dollars. And then it was the Pakistani top rogue atomic scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan who sold nuclear technology to the US' nemesis: Iran, Libya, and North Korea. He got off scot free and the Bush White House had to swallow its pride on that one because Pakistan has a stockpile of atomic weapons and is thought of as a 'good' ally even though it does everything to screw its paymaster.
The US, during the Cold War, made a Faustian bargain with Pakistan because India opted for neutralism [remember Bandung?] and cooperation with the Soviet Union. And now the US is reaping the whirlwind its has sown.

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