Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hillary Clinton explodes in Tunis

US secretary of state Hillary Clinton hogged the air waves by denouncing China and Russia for vetoing the US and Arab League sanctions against Syria, and call for Bachar Al Assad to step down.
Her anguish and frustration are at fever pitch. She's mad, really mad, but like the Brother Grimms' big bad wolf huff and puff as she likes China's and Russia's support of Syria won't blow down.
Has no one in Washington read old KGB spy and journalist Primakov's writings on the Arab world he knows so well?
Assad is no poster boy of cheer and benevolence, yet Moscow and Beijing think the US assault on Syria not only ham fisted and wrong. US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan tell a sorry tale of what Syria would be like if the US had its way. Chaos and civil strife. The turmoil in Lebanon should serve as a moral tale, and the worm of confessional war in Lebanon's roots lie in Eisenhower's decision to send in the Marines in 1958.
China and Russia are looking to ease Assad out in a way to avoid Syria's collapse, we think.
We also know that like the Bourbons, the US, from its own history, has learnt nothing and forgot everything.

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