Sunday, February 5, 2012

US crocodile tears at UN Security Council

No one ca say Syria's Bashir al Assad is a poster boy for the boy scouts, yet the gnashing and wailing and riling of the US in the UN Security Council against the double whammy veto of the Arab League's resolution for Assad to step aside by Russia and China is hypocritical in the extreme.
'You betrayed the Syrian people', the US in the persons of secretary of state Hillary Clinton and ambassador to the UN Susan Rice seemingly imply. Cynical, hard hearted, cold blooded...figure on the list of condemnation of Moscow and Beijing.
The eye that has not followed the 'Sturm und Drang' in the Council or the corridors of the UN would blink in surprise that after tweaking the failed resolution to condemn Assad, Moscow and certainly the unexpected China had not come around to support the American position.
Are we living in the world of juvenile story telling? Seems so. What naivete on the part of the Obama administration. It shouldn't have tried so hard to pin the tail of rebuke on the Russian bear. Moscow veto immediately assured condemnation far and wide.
Saying that, GuamDiary wonders at the sheer gall of America. In this instance, they weep at the violence visited on the Syrian people, but in its endless use of the veto in the well of the Security Council, it casts a thumbs down with no feeling or emotion when it comes to the aspirations of the Palestinian people.
The US has cast 76 vetoes so far, and mostly to protect Israel's illegal land grabbing and settler colonies on Palestinian land in the West Bank.

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