Friday, June 3, 2011

US & Israel point a crooked finger at Iran

Seymour Hirsh, the investigative reporter the rich and powerful hate, has dropped another bomb in 'The New Yorker' [06 June 2011]: 'Iran and the Bomb'.
GuamDairy encourages everyone to read it--if not in hard copy then on line! US and Israeli authorities know that one Iran has killed its programme for nuclear weaponry in 2003 at the moment Bush deceptively invaded Iraq. A NIE [National Intelligence Estimate], a report of the concerted opinion of US intelligence agencies, civilian and military, poured water on the hype coming out of the Bush junior White House that Iran was in hot pursuit of the A bomb; not only that, it published a redacted report saying so, to everyone's astonishment; the Obama White House has taken up the false notes of his predecessor's propaganda campaign against Iran even though its own NIE reaffirms the Bush NIE conclusions that Iran hasn't the bomb. Two, the last bruited whispers of the latest NIE point out that Iran was developing a nuclear programme with Iraq as its prime target. [For those with very short historical memory, Iraq with the able assistance to Saddam Hussein gave a thrashing to Iran in a long war with millions of death and a drain on its economy and treasury. Later the US turned on Hussein and the rest is history. It seems the US did Iran a service for it ended its nuclear arms development in 2003.] Three, Israel knows that it was not in Iran's cross hairs, but lied in beating the drum of Tehran as an existential threat and unsuccessfully tried to get Bush's approval to attack Iran. Israel's hatred runs deep owing to the Irani rejection of the Holocaust and the legitimacy of the Zionist state.
To savour the full flavour of the Hirsh article, please read it and weep for Obama and Netenyahu are happy to beat the drums of war of their own making.

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