Friday, June 17, 2011

Lawless Israel dons its pirate costume again

Israel has launched thunderbolts of warning to the international flotilla of 10 ships 'determined to break the Zionist state's siege of Gaza, by breaking the Israeli imposed blockade by sea.
It is important to remember that a year ago, the Israeli military--air, naval, and special troops--broke international law by stopping another peace flotilla bearing much need medicines, building supplies, food, and the like, and yes no weapons. As a result of the Zionist state's piracy on the high seas, nine people aboard the Turkish ferry 'Mavi Mamara' were killed, i.e., eight Turkish citizens and one American Turk, resulting in strained Turkish Israeli relations [Turkey has long maintained diplomatic and economic relations with Israel as well as military cooperation and its military is equipped with Israeli made weaponry]. Despite the murder of its citizen, the US did not pursue the matter for obvious reasons, particularly internal politics where the US establishment is subservient to the Israeli lobby.
The Israeli military is not mincing its warning: it is calling on the ships to hand over to Israeli authorities their cargo, which, then, trusting Israel's good will to Palestinians in Gaza, they will turn over in a 'timely manner'. If not, the Zionist military will 'manu militari' prevent the 10 ships from breaking Israel's blockade of Gaza. The Likud led government of 'Bibi' Netenyahu is concerned that hidden in the rice or in the medical supplies are weapons destined for Hamas, its sworn enemy, and against whom it launched in December 2008 a 22 day war of collective punishment, killing at least 1400 civilians, destroying infrastructure, small manufacturing establishment, crops, housing, so on and on. The UN conducted report which Israel refused to cooperate with, the 'Goldstone report' put the blame of war crimes mainly on Israel's shoulders yet neither did it spare Hamas' responsibility.
One thousand individuals from 10 countries, including the US, are willing to risk their lives. Judging by Israel's 'track record', it is not loath to kill unarmed civilians, then like many such operations plant guns or knives or even sticks on them, to justify its own lawlessness.
According to the influential 'le monde', the 'Mavi Mamara' will not partake in the peace flotilla. [Does this mean a warming of Turkish Isreali relations? To a degree, but Anakara's recognition of Hamas tells us more on the loss of its support for the Zionist state's posture.]
The Israeli complaint that there might be weapons aboard any or all of the 10 ships should by now appear shopworn. It is simply a convenient excuse to break international laws of the sea and engage in piracy. The Zionist state may fancy itself an avatar of the 'Barbary corsairs': they are not. Simply put, they are pursuing criminal activities. And as in the past, they do not care in the least what the world thinks.
However, the Zionist state has shown that it is hard of hearing and blind to the rapid change in the Arab world. It has dug in its heels in, falling back on policies and actions which are out of step with the times, and in the end will prove its isolation and the recognition of a Palestinian state 'de jure' and 'de facto' by the United Nations, even though it has occupied, stolen, and imported its own settlers into the Palestinian West Bank and Arab East Jerusalem.
Time is no longer on its side! Nonetheless, Israel will not back away from its lawlessness, thuggery, and piracy and will even murder.
Finally, no one can deny the courage and the 'grit' of these 1000 people in 10 peace ships willing to brave Israel and break its blockade of the people of Gaza.

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