Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Netenyahu reverses ban on journalists nabbed on peace flottila, whilst his military prepare for confrontation by blaming the peace activists

Bowing to the international clamour raised by Israel's threat to ban for 10 years any journalist caught on the 10 ship second peace flotilla setting sail for Gaza, Israeli premier Netenyahu hid behind 'oh I didn't know what lower level subordinates were doing'. [Wink, wink, wink!]
Israel says that it does not fear the power of the international press, but the right wing, revisionist Zionist leader's action belies his country's prickliness and bad behaviour. Israel doesn't need bad press as it ramps up its own military threats and propaganda smearing the second wave of peace activists from 10 or more countries braving its allegedly legal blockade of Gaza. At the same time, the Zionist state's military has warned these activists that any harm suffered by Israeli forces transgressing international law of the seas and engaging in piracy in the open Mediterranean have only themselves to blame.
Israel feels that it has given fair warning to its threats of aggression and won't hesitate to attack this flotilla like it did the one last year where it killed nine people bringing medical supplies, food, and much needed building materials to Israel 'Cast Led' ravaged Gaza and the collectively punished Palestinians living there.
Already the US president Obama has signaled that he won't do anything to stop Israel's plans which certainly may entail American casualties. So Israel's protector pro consul America has given Netenyahu the green light if he thought he needed any!

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