Saturday, June 25, 2011

Shalit & 7000 Palestinian prisoners

On year five of his capture, the Israeli is churning up its propaganda mills to tar and feather Hamas for refusing to negotiate the release of Gilad Shalit, a 'Tsahal' or IDF staff sargent now 24.
Germany, acting as a go between between the right wing Likud led government and Hamas, reported that there was no progress in trying to gain Shalit's freedom.
Little wonder. Stuck in the Zionist state's caw is Shalit in the hands of his captors. Shalit has become a poster boy fanning the flames of nationalism. You have to wonder how the much touted 'democratic', mini super armed, agressive Israel, renowed for its Shin Bet and Mossad [equivalent to MI-5 and MI-6] could not find Shalit during the short 'mad dog' 22 day war it dubbed 'Cast Led', which left the Gaza strip with a heavy civilian toll, destroying homes, factories, schools, hospitals, infrastructure, not to forget targeting agriculture, a single hair of Shalit's presence.
For all its braggadacio, in this instance the Zionist state looks as though it is a 'hapless, helpless giant'. And Shalit is not the only Israeli to remain a prisoner at the hands of Israel's enemies. In this case, as in the words of the Vietnamese general and hero of Dienbienphu, Israel's behavious can best be summed up as 'elephants trying to stamp out ants'!
Israel has built a case of Hamas' violating international law and Shalit's human rights, but it banishes any thoughts of its own transgressions and defiance of its own and international laws.
Hamas would be willing to release Shalit in exchange of the 7000 Palestinians, the majority of whom the Israeli military have rounded up on the merest pretext, in order for the Zionist state to continue occupying Palestinian lands, dispossessing Palestinians for its own uses and implanting illegal settlers, all contrary to the laws and norms of civilised nations' behaviour.
Israel has hoisted its own racialist petard. And unless it is willing to let go Palestinian prisoners, Shalit will remain in capitivity. In its own calculus one Israeli is worth thousands of Palestinians, but Israel acts as a law unto itself and as such it maintains Shalit as prisoner as an act of racial pride.

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