Monday, June 27, 2011

Israel will attack and fire on the 10 ship Peace Flotilla

Israel's warning that it will ban any journalist caught aboard the 10 ship Peace Flotilla set to sail for Gaza will not only have his or her equipment, notes & the like confiscated but equally banned from the Zionist state for 10 years is the clearest indication that it is preparing to attack militarily and with live fire this year's attempt to brave its blockade of Gaza in the same way it did the 'Mavi Mamara' one year ago, leaving nine dead. And fie on the international laws on the sea and hijacking and piracy!
The US department of state has also 'warned' its citizens sailing on the 'Audacity of Hope', carrying letters to Palestinians, to cease and desist in their efforts. [See GuamDiary's entry on Obama's warning...] In fact, the ship named after president Obama's second book, may not leave Greece, for the debt ridden nation is under severe pressure by the US and Israel to keep this ship and others in port.
There is something unsatisfying in the American and Zionist state's attempt to make the waves of the sea stand still.
Israel thinks of itself as a law unto itself. Its past behaviour shows that it does not care a fig as to what the world thinks of it. It will kill with impunity and know that its allies won't challenge it and that its enemies should it defy it will become victims of black Mossad operations, open war, and much worse. In brief, Israel is a thug nation. Yet, time is running out for its brutality, and the mere presence of 10 ships with peace activists can set its teeth on edge, resulting in outright piracy and perhaps murder, is a strong sign of its craven and cowardly character.
As for the weak kneed Obama, what is he going to do should Israeli commandos wound, maim, or kill American citizens aboard the 'Audacity of Hope'? A man of high principle but little action won't do 'squart', and that is what the mad dog Likud prime minister is counting on, alas.
Yet the tide is turning against Israel no matter what.

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