Sunday, June 19, 2011

How not to revive peace talks: send Dennis Ross

You've to hand it to Barack Obama for boneheadedness. The way he is governing raises serious questions. Remaining above the fray like a lofty ancient god, he by his belief of 'love among the brothers and sisters all over the land', in spite of open assaults and seizing the initiative on a host of issues by the very same 'brothers and sisters all over the land', reminds one of a school marm who unable to control her unruly charges keeps saying 'now children keep quiet!' to no avail.
Of if he 'dares' an initiative such as recognising the 1967 Green Line demarcating a Palestine encompassing the West Bank, Gaza, and Arab east Jerusalem, the American president does not follow through with a punch to his policy! He like a man in love with his words, he believes that they have magical qualities, which one swipe of his oratorical flourish will make it come true. Wrong!
To revive a 'dead on arrival' peace process between the right wing Likud government and the Palestinian Authority, Obama has sent Dennis Ross, his man on the Middle East, and David Hale to Israel and the occupied West Bank to breathe new life into a corpse.
The US is very, very, very worried that Israeli prime minister 'Bibi' Netenyahu's dreams of achieving a 'Greater Israel' by incorporating Palestinian internationally recognised territory which the Zionist state has occupied for the last 43, will end by a UN recognised Palestine, an outcome abhorrent to Obama and Netenyahu; furthermore a UN recognised Palestine would upend Israeli's illegal sezie of land and importing colonists.
By sending Dennis Ross, Obama is signaling that nothing will come of his envoys' mission. As GuamDiary already alerted its readers that Dennis Ross is an arch partisan of the Israeli state. He embraced his Judaism as a result of the Six Day War which brought Palestinian territory under Israel's occupation which as of today continues.
To be fair, Ross may pull a rabbit out the hat. Judging by his opposition to Obama's raising the matter of the 1967 borders, it is unlikely. Is Ross Israel's Trojan Horse in the White House?
What is plain as the nose on one's face: Obama has no policy to jumpstart a failed 'road map to peace'.

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