Monday, June 27, 2011

Trying to put a pretty face on an ugly reality in Gaza

Ethan Bronner's 'Building boom in Gaza's ruins belies misery that remains', which appeared in the Saturday 25 June 2011 online edition is the latest in an exercise to hide the ugly reality in Gaza two and a half years after Israel's 'Cast Led'. Although some rebuilding is going on: Bronner spotlights two new hotels with Israeli made escalators and some homes and schools to erase the thousands of homes not built, the ravaged infrastructures, the bombed out hospitals and mosques, the absence of medical supplies which the Israeli blockade denies, the high unemployment, the 'no exit' sign in education when Palestinian students cannot go abroad to study, the stacking of the 1.3 million Palestinians in 'stalag' conditions reminiscent Nazi prisoner of war camps--data found in the body of Bronner's 'belies misery' big lie reporting.
The article's second paragraph gives away this exercise in Israeli propaganda: the fear the specter of the 10 ship Peace Flotilla soon heading to brave the Israeli imposed blockade of the Gaza Strip since its people democratically elected Hamas to govern them three years ago. Bronner's thrust is to highlight the falsity of the peace activists' claims that Israel is denying aid and the free flow of material to come into Gaza to rebuild the Strip after the Zionist's illegal blitzkrieg called 'Cast Lead' in a 22 day war 30 months ago.
Reality trumps Bronner's misinformation, the snail pacing of Gaza's emerging out of the ruins of a war that Israel used to rain down collective punishment on the People of Gaza for exercising their democratic rights in electing a government of their own choice!

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