Saturday, June 4, 2011

Israel's backing into a corner: lies, more lies, and fear of military action

As Tzipi Livni, leader of Kadima, and foreign minister of Israel, told Simon Schama, in a recent interview in the 'FT' [Financial Times of London]: 'time is running out for Israel'. Her apprehensive comments have a way of becoming true, day by day.
GuamDiary has already suggested reading Seymour Hisch's 'Iran and the bomb' in the current issue of 'The New Yorker' [06 June 2011]. In it, the able investigative report let's the cat out of Israel's bag: its leader and intelligence services had long figured out that the alledged nuclear arms programme of Iran had Saddam Hussein's Iraq as the target, not Israel. The Bush war against Hussein in 2003 put an end to Iran's ambitions. Yet, right wing prime minister 'Bibi' Netenyahu speaks more and more of Tehran as Israel's existential threat, and hinting more and more of a strike against Iran which has nevered shied away from twisting the tail of the Zionist mouse.
Truth will out on this issue: Meir Dagan, former chief of a Mossad with a knife between its teeth which he created as an order from Ariel Sharon, has chastised Netenyahu & co. on policies towards Iran and the Palestinians. Warming them charging them with gross stupidity in thinking and planning for an attack on Tehran as well as trying by any means possible of denying the Palestinians of a country of their own. Dagan is a hardliner, and if a hardliner like him who has had at his finger tips intelligence unknown to the public in general is of such a strong standpoint, you know that the Israeli governing elite has entered a period of decline and senescence and is risking Zionism by adhering blindly to an ideology which is out of step with reality!
War fever, as GuamDiary has often hinted, is growing in Israel under the very right wing coalition that rules 'democratic' Israel under Netenyahu's hand. For Israel, the future appears dark: the Arab spring has cut the ground under its patiently cobbled together policy of a coalition of willing Arab states, to reinforce its presence as the military strongest state in the Middle East, with an unacknowledged stock pile of 200 atomic weapons; with the unconditional support of its protector the US; and with, for all the world to see, the completion of a revisionist Zionist dream of a 'Greater Israel' from the Mediterrarean to the Jordon River.
Furthermore the American president Barack Obama tossed Netenyahu a diplomatic time bomb by insisting that the basis for negotiations with Palestinians, which the 43 years of Israeli occupation have resulted in implantation of illegal settlers who now number 500.000 and illegal seizure and occupation of land in defiance of international law, for a two state solution.
Netenyahu took his revenge on Obama by a craftily mendacious speech before the two houses of the US Congress. As Henrick Hertzberg spot on observed in 'The New Yorker' [06 June 2011] that 'Netenyahu's intrasigeance [referring to the Palestinian West Bank as the biblical Judea and Samaria' was 'nearly applling ... as the mindlessness of the senators and representatives, Republican and Democratic, who rewarded him' with 29 standing ovations, fearing their chances of reelection in 2012 owing to the money and pressure of 'certain Jewish and evangelical constituencies'.
There is more: after the fall of Mubarak, Egypt has not restored the normal flow of natural gaz to Israel. More, the Egyptians have opened, with many restrictions, the Raffah border with Gaza, thereby allowing the Gazans an opening to the outside world, that Israel has denied them through undeclared war--'Cast Lead'--through collective punishment for democratically electing Hamas to govern Gaza.
Not only that, last year after Israel's Tsahal or IDF [Israel Defence Force] attacked a flotilla of ships bringing much need non military supplies to the hemmed in Gazans [read: medical, construction material to rebuild infrastructure Israel destroyed with a vengeance, and much need food], resulting in the illegal hijacking of the 'Mavi Mamara' and 5 other ships in an act of piracy in international waters and the killing of 8 Turks and one Turkish American. It also seized other peace convoys on the open seas, thereby confirming to international public opinion, Israel was no better than the pirates operating in the Straits of Malacca. This year, 'Audacity of Hope', a flotilla of 10 ships, arranged by nationality, i.e., the US, Ireland, and so on, are shortly going to be steaming towards Gaza. Netenyahu & co. cannot allow them to break Israel's strong hold on Gaza by sea, so no one should be surprised that the Zionist state will once again engage in international piracy and we hope not in murder on the high seas!
If that pressure is not enough: since Mubarak's fall, Israel has had to redirect monies from a strong civilian economy to pay for higher fuel and to spend more and more on its 800 pound gorilla defence.
And then, in spite of everything else, the Palestinian Authority has patched up things with Hamas, thereby putting on a common face to the world community. And the Palestinians themselves have engaged in an unrecognised 'Third Intifada', based on the Gandhian principles of passive resistance. Inside the occupied West Bank, this has meant boycott of any Israeli product grown or manufactured on stolen Palestinian land.
The Zionist elite had already drank a bowl of bitter tea on 'Yom el Naqbah', when wave after wave of Palestinian refugees threw themselves over barbed wire fence on the Syrian border to reclaim their land. Ultimately few were killed, more injured, and all thrown back to Syria. Yet, this example of passive resistance, worthy of a Martin Luther King, spells big trouble for the Zionist state. It is Israel that will be thrown more and more on the defensive and not wise enough to modify policy, shall resort to repression.
And if that ain't enough: Netenyahu & his ultra right wing coalition will have to gird loins at the upcoming UN General Assembly when it is more than possible that the UN will overcome the US veto and recognise 'de facto' and 'de jure' of Palestine as a soverign state, in spite of Israel's occupation and land stealing and shipping in Jewish settlers.
If that comes to pass, Israel's 60 year apple cart of wars and repressing the Palestinians will be up ended and leave it a pariah, a state of being it has created for itself.

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