Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Jobs, jobs, jobs, where are they?

It looks as though in the aftermath of an global economic meltdown the US and Europe have written off the unemployed, and are more and more looking to feather the nest of the plutocrats and coupon clippers who thanks to ratepayers' bailout of mindless financiers who thrust the world in the worst crisis since the Great Depression and in military terms, Hitler's war, and now have not only recovered but hold reactionary capitalism in the palm of their hands.
Traditional democratic parties on the left and the right have proven unable to stop these robber barons of finance and industry. Popularist movements have sprung up and more or less been taken over by the rich and powerful, to on one hand preach pie in the sky to the down and out, and on the other to entrench their hold on the levers of the state by a return to muscular Darwinism's 'survival of the fittest'.
Thus they are preparing for a return of the corporate state in one form and another and have sown the seeds of the rise of proto fascism or full blown fascism.

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