Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Is Netenyahu trying to erase Palestinian history?

Is Netenyahu trying to erase Palestinian history? is a legitimate question to raise in the light of the Israeli prime minister's remarks before the joint session of the US Congress.
Israelis have the right to occupy to settle in 'Judea and Sumaria' for the plain and simple reason the land is theirs. To him and like minded revisionist and non revisionist Zionists the Palestinian West Bank is 'Judea and Sumaria', in spite of the fact that by international law, upheld by the International Court of Justice, and the weight of global agreement among UN member states, including the US, that the 1967 Green line borders, including the West Bank, Gaza, and Arab East Jerusalem, remains the territorial basis of Palestine.
Netenyahu & his ilk rush to the Torah to press their claims. 'Judea and Sumaria' no long exist, and owing to Israel's 43 year occupation of Palestinian lands, they have illegally grabbed land which is not Israeli, dispossessed Palestinian owners, and implanted a half million illegal Jewish settlers.
The Israeli premier's remarks are a conjurer's trick: they disguise a programme of ethnic cleansing and a conscious and willful policy of erasing any Palestinian claim to the land they've owned and lived on for centuries.
A pyrrhic victor's sleight of hand which can raise embarrassing comparisons in 20 century history: Armenians in Turkey; Muslims in Bosnia, and the more obvious example, making Europe 'Judenrein'd, not only cleansed of Jews but a forethought campaign to erase Jews from European history.
Netenyahu cheapens the meaning of 'Ha Shoah' or the Holocaust, thereby casting stones against Israeli claims of anti Semitism or attacks against the Zionist state. He forgets that in history as in life the sword cuts both ways.

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