Sunday, June 5, 2011

Israel's 'Tsahal' [IDF] shoots peaceful Palestinian protesters at the Syrian border

At the writing of this entry the 'Tsahal' [IDF or Israel Defense Force] is shooting at waves of unarmed peaceful Palestinian protesters on the border with Syria, on the 43 anniversary of the Six Day War, which they call 'naksa' or 'setback'.
GuamDiary readers may recall that on 'yom al naqaba' or 'day of catastrophe' on 15 May, the day Israel became a state, Palestinian protestors, steeped in the Gandhian principles of passive resistance, breached the Israeli razor wire defences on the Golan Heights, occupied by the Israeli since that war, to reclaim land that is theirs.
Eventually repelled, the demostrators caught the Zionist state off guard, although the army did kill some protesters and injured many more. For today's protests, Israel was better prepared by digging trenches and reinforcing the razor wire fences.
Still, faced with heavy armed troops, the non violent protesters did not turn back, inspite of reported deaths and injured.
The Netenyahu Likud led government dismissed the protesters as a way Syria's Assad used them to turn the world's attention from the Syrian strongman's attacks against his own people. The reason is paper thin and easy to tear through: the Palestinians are refugees in Syria who are peacefully and strongly objecting not only Israel's 43year occupation of their land but also expressing the desire of reclaiming the Zionist seized land during the Six Day War.
As we have commented, Israel now has more thread to spin in the face of hundreds and soon thousands and then tens of thousands of Palestinians who will face their guns. The issue is clear: Palestinians want their land back and a state of their own on the West Bank, Gaza, and Arab East Jerusalem, in other words the 'Green Line' which the International Court of Justice recognised as by international law, the bounderies of a Palestinian state.
Israel scorns that juridical judgment. Already it has illegally grabbed Palestinian land in the West Bank and more than that dumped mostly right wing Jewish zealots who consider the land that of the biblical Judea and Sumeria, the foundation of revisionist Zionism to which Netenyahu & co. are committed in forming a Greater Israel from the Mediterranean to the Jordan River. Little wonder Obama's resurrecting the borders in calling for a two state solution, no matter how silly his approach may seem, has raised tensions between the US and Israel.
Today's demonstrators are a signpost which the Zionist elite should not ignore: to counter passive resistance Israel has limited choices: it can use fire power to kill or main and risk international censure, condemnation, and isolation, try to stall the inevitable creation of a Palestine which is nothing but a 'Luftmensch' for its designs and full control, or become serious and recognise that time is no longer on its side, and like it or not, a globally recognised Palestine will soon come into view, despite occupation.
If the hidebound ideological Zionist elite continue on its current course of behaviour, in the end, it will be the gravedigger of Zionism in form, shape, and content.

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