Thursday, March 17, 2011

State sponsored Israeli pirates display booty

State sponsored Israeli pirate displayed the booty of arms, allegedly from Iran, they captured from the vessel they hijacked on the open seas yesterday.
Radar systems, thousands of rounds of mortar shell, and 70.000 rounds for Kalishnikovs, reports the Anglo Israeli journalist Isabel Kershner. Bound for the port of Alexandria in Egypt from Turkey, the Israeli terrorists however refrained from pinning the label of final destination on Gaza. The materiel may very well have been destined for others than Hamas. Or it might have been transhipped to the rebels in there's a thought!
Yet no one officially has raised a voice against Israel's violation of the laws of the seas and international conventions. Netenyahu's right wing government operates on the principle of 'silence is consent', and so, Israel will act as a law unto its own, the more especially since eyes are turned on events in Libya, Baharain, and other countries in the Arab world.
However, Israel may esistentially fear Iran, something else is happening right under its nose: the process is beginning of a meeting of the minds of the Palestinian Authority and Hamas. When that happens, the pillars of Israel's colonial rule will shake even more and even more will it go on the defensive even to the point of open, undeclared war.
Yesterday, GuamDiary blogged about Remick's 'editorial' in 'The New Yorker'. Netenyahu & co. and his merry little band of proto fascists should take fright: for even the seemingly 'eternal support' of the US is no longer assured.
And in the end, like it or not, like the sour puss of Itzhak Shamir at the Madrid meeting in the early 1990s, Israel will have to swallow hard an international solution imposed on it. It will lose all the illegal settlements on the occupied West Bank, pay endless reparations like the Germans did the Jewish survivors after world war 2, and become a middle rank levantine state which it always was.

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