Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cast Lead Redux

As the Israeli military multiple strikes against Gaza, voices like right wing minister Sylvain Shalom's are calling for a renewed preemptive war against Hamas. Events in the Arab world are forcing Israel's proto fascist Netenyahu led government to act.
Palestinian youth are demanding that the Palestinian Authority and Hamas make common front face with Israel's 44 year occupation of the West Bank, which illegal settlers, with government encouragement and aid, are seizing Arab land. A rapproachement of the two main Palestinian political factions spells trouble for Netenyahu & co. They no longer will be able to shuck and slide in negotiations in which Israel gives nothing and the Palestinians everything for a two state solution and the creation of a free Palestine.
The Israelis are no fools: Egypt and Tunisia and Libya and Bahrain and Yemen should have awakened them to a sea change in their own backyard, and what's more it is the push of the young who in most cases are spearheading the call for change and action.
To the Zionist elite, Libya offers a way out of any Palestinian unity: a recourse as in the past to brute force. Hence the reason for Shalom & co.'s wanting another 'cast lead' against Hamas.
But conditions on the ground have changed: Gaza is no longer land locked by Israel and Egypt. Since Mubarak's fall, the border at Raffa if not open, is porous, and through it much needed supplies for survival are flowing through.
In the West Bank, a Gandhian influenced non violent movement is spreading, something before which the Israelis will remain impotent to mate. Outside the movement to 'boycott, divestment, and sanctions' [BDS] is growing in effectiveness, so much so that the right wing Likud government is compiling lists of names of groups and people who are in favour of showing Israel's dirty linen to the global community. Netenyahu & co. have with a stroke of the pen extended its war against the Palestinian people to a planetary level, in order to conduct black propaganda, harass anyone--including the man or woman who sign a petition--and assassinate character wise or worse.
No one can discount Israeli fighting power, but like the strength of tyrants before it, Israel, too, is hastening its own defeat.
On another front, corruption and malfeasance and debauchery in the upper echelons of the Zionist elite are more and more in evidence. One only has to think of the charges leveled against the living mummy Ariel Sharon and his son. And of course, the humbling of the former president Moshe Katsov being sentenced to seven years of prison for rape.
The signs are clear: the Zionist state is falling apart within and the recourse is to wage war to hide the rot that is eating away at the boards of the state of state.
And so it, for clever and skilful as the Zionist elite are, they are struck deaf and dumb and partially blind to the meaning of change in the Arab world. They may feel that they can rely continually on the protection, support, and free flow of money by the Americans, but even there the sharpening debates within the US government and elite may not guarantee the 60 year blank cheque of backing up Israel.

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